Drinking And Driving: The Game

Jesse U.
13,047 Views 1 decade ago
  • naughty_samara April 19, 2005

    I hope he had his seatbelt on.

  • anonymous_1 April 20, 2005

    That's what happens when you drop a lit joint on the floor - your foot pegs the gas...and your hand yanks the steering wheel to one side as you try to reach for it..LOL Hope he found what he was lookin for.

  • foxboy April 20, 2005

    that might have hurt

  • rockybalboa April 20, 2005

    Say goodbye to your Twin turbo Subaru WRX! Maybe that guy played too much grand Turismo...

  • spongemike April 21, 2005

    I saw it on the WRC and they both walked away, slightly shaken. The Subaru was not so lucky.

  • noble172 April 23, 2005

    rally races kick ass

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