Ghost Rider Vigilante Shoots Thief

David G.
23,465 Views 7 months ago

Thief tried to rob a taxi driver and ended up getting shot by vigilante known as The Ghostrider who rides around in a motorbike shooting criminals

  • crazyvet August 5, 2016

    So you got your thieving ass shot by a cartoon character?

  • felterupgood August 5, 2016

    He should have called Uber

  • vulture August 5, 2016

    keep still your making a mess

  • xizang August 5, 2016

    Dramaqueen. They never die like that in the movies!

  • prodeath August 5, 2016

    I hate thieving niggers no matter what color they are

  • dozer67 August 5, 2016

    The new event in Rio ( Dodge and Survive ) he is leading rite now....

  • failure101 August 5, 2016

    Holy shit he is leaking jello.

  • maddog123 August 5, 2016

    How you doing? Not so good uh tough guy!! No fucks given!

    Looked like the purp had a gold chain on so he wasn't robing to by food! And his clothes before all the blood looked new? Also he had round lips for sure a cock sucker! So I would say he is a cock sucking thief dead thief!!!cock sucker.

  • belchesfelches August 5, 2016

    The Olympics sure have some strange opening ceremonies these days.

  • whobe August 5, 2016

    Attention seeker get up and walk it off.

  • fatlarry August 5, 2016

    Just Fucking die already

  • hatesniggers August 5, 2016

    What the hell is his problem flopping around like he was on drugs or something go meet your maker you piece of shit

  • airsporter August 5, 2016

    If I had a haircut like that - I just wish the ground would swallow me up!

  • truckingman August 5, 2016

    Dave in what part of his MF" BODY WAS HE HIT WITH THE BULLET??

  • cruiserman August 6, 2016

    We need 50 Ghost riders in Sweden and that is now

  • realism August 6, 2016

    Betcha he's dead

  • zombigunslingr August 6, 2016

    He's rolling around and gasping for air because it looks like he got shot in the right lung, so it's likely collapsed. Not really that hard to figure out.

  • willv89 August 9, 2016

    Let go my eggo

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