Speared Through The Neck

David G.
22,728 Views 1 year ago

Guy must be in serious pain after having being speared through the neck and having it come out of his shoulder on the other side

  •   darkmadness August 8, 2016

    God damn that's going to hurt for a while.

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  •   vulture August 8, 2016

    extreme Russian body ornaments

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  •   crazyvet August 8, 2016

    Just screw a big metal ball on each end and leave it alone.

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  • felterupgood August 8, 2016

    Now he has a couple pencil holders

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  •   whobe August 8, 2016

    So now he knows how the fish feel.

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  • txdo_msk August 8, 2016

    I wanna see it get pulled out!

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  • airsporter August 8, 2016

    Something 'fishy' about this suicide attempt!

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  • xizang August 8, 2016

    Just try not to sneeze.

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  •   oathbreaker August 8, 2016

    Must be graceful as fuck when hes swimming, sure fire way to convince someone youre a shark

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  • cyberbu11y August 8, 2016


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  • realism August 8, 2016

    Extreme olympics...

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  • bonefish August 8, 2016


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  •   truckingman August 8, 2016

    Is this another MF" CASE "Dick Cheney" SYNDROME???

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  • twofords August 8, 2016

    After a few weeks of tossing and turning in bed he decided to get it removed, being tired sucks ass. I wonder where his spinal cord is in relation, probably hit a vertebrae either way though.

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  •   mykejp August 8, 2016

    Guess who was playing lawn darts.

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  •   maddog123 August 9, 2016

    Booze and stupid people it don't mix I know I'm a burn out and I no I shouldn't drink but I'm to old for someone to try and tell me to quit!!! Like this winner! Getting drunk hanging out with other burn outs!like me! I remember one cold day in febuary I was fucking drunk me and my other burn outs went out to the gravel pits for a little target practice? Someone had this woman's pea shooter? A 25 automatic ravan! Small cheap piece of crap!

    And I shot it off pow? Man thirty feet out you could see it fall on the ground! Piece of shit!!! So? I walk up nearly point blank and shoot at this old tire no wheel!

    Pow and the bullet hits tire bounces back between my legs? And blows out the straddle of my pants!!! Thank god for cold weather and not having a big dick that day or my

    Nick name wouldn't be dog? It would be a nub puppy!!! Yeah boy!!!

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  • banapfel August 10, 2016


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