Biker Hit By SUV

David G.
16,416 Views 7 months ago

Motorcycle was t-boned by a much bigger SUV I doubt this biker survived this accident

  • wombatbytes August 12, 2016

    That LHS rear wheel made sure to finish the job.

  • whobe August 12, 2016

    Price you pay for being stupid.

  • pizzapie August 12, 2016

    Price you pay for being stupid and blind

  • vulture August 12, 2016

    always look both ways...more than once

  • fatlarry August 12, 2016

    Stop being a bitch get up and walk it off

  • hatesniggers August 12, 2016

    Nice disappearing act,, now you see me now you don't

  • airsporter August 12, 2016

    Seen enough! Lets go play on the swings over there!

  • truckingman August 12, 2016

    Vulture, I kind of learn that lesson on one MF" FOGGY NIGHT. It was all down to a yard light, the type that the power company can provide, and I could not see the headlights of an on coming car. I do not get into a accident. I had saw the car in time to stop before I pulled out into the road.

  • twofords August 12, 2016

    How can anyone on a bike be so careless? One wrong move and you can guarantee your fucked for life, if you manage to survive.

  • nybadguy August 12, 2016

    He looked like he had speed wobbles from the starting line then pow.

  • mykejp August 13, 2016

    Some people are in a hurry to die.

  • darkmadness August 13, 2016

    At that point i would have whiskey throttled into the landscape. Damage on the bike but you're still alive.

  • captianchaoz August 13, 2016

    Any good parts left???

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