Porsche Douche Causes Accident

David G.
16,078 Views 6 months ago

Douche driving a Porsche tries to overtake on a narrow road and causes and accident being sandwiched between two cars

  • mykejp August 18, 2016

    Too bad he didn't total his car.

  • failure101 August 18, 2016

    That was almost awesome.

  • korumkills August 18, 2016

    Plenty of English pricks in 4X4's around here like that, Think they are invincible, hopefully ends up wrapped around a lamp post or something.

  • cazaly August 18, 2016

    We call them idiots Fuck Knuckles here in Oz.

  • airsporter August 18, 2016

    Shame he didnt get swerved into field and into the maw of an 'Evil Harvester'

    Back to the Moped Insurance Wise. Ha!

  • nybadguy August 18, 2016

    Kike bastard

  • truckingman August 18, 2016

    The driver of the porsche could not MF" WAIT ON TRAFFIC...

    Just shaking his head, ..........

  • potrostation August 18, 2016

    ..and he never used his blinker.

  • twofords August 18, 2016

    Years ago I thought north America held the guiness record for douchbaggery but I see the numbers are increasing exponentially worldwide. It will only be a few more years before they vastly outnumber the average driver, who will start looking for alternative modes of transportation because the roads will have just become too dangerous to go on anymore.

  • maddog123 August 18, 2016

    Porsche??? What porsche!

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