Two For Tuesday: Cops vs Knives

David G.
17,177 Views 7 months ago

Don't know why you would bring knives to a cop fight but these two guys thought it was a great Idea and ended up full of holes and lead poisoning

  • vikingshill August 23, 2016

    Wtf, was he a ballet dancer or something?

  • whobe August 23, 2016

    That's what he gets for leaving his cape at home.

  • prodeath August 23, 2016

    I thought I was watching a low budget remake of west side story

  • crazyvet August 23, 2016

    Bring a knife to a gunfight, what do you expect?

  • breakfastblunt August 23, 2016

    Those cops were pretty lax in the 2nd video. I'm against unwrongful shootings, but damn, 2nd guy needed to be put down.

  • cag5150 August 23, 2016

    Where's the beef as my grandmother would bloody torn tissue muscle parts in this video...if I wanted to see stuff like this I would have gone to utube...

  • captianchaoz August 23, 2016

    He was just playing cops and robbers, why shoot him... Retard lives Matter...

  • dozer67 August 23, 2016

    What did they shoot the second guy with? gummy bullets?

  • truckingman August 23, 2016

    This police offer showed great restance while dealing with there asalents, it is MF" CRAZY TO BRING A MF" KNIFE TO A MF" GUN FIGHT...

  • belchesfelches August 23, 2016

    @breakfastblunt I wholly support unwrongful shootings....

  • twofords August 23, 2016

    In his mind he was a great ninja, flying gracefully thru the air, striking down his enemies. Reality sucks, but it makes us laugh.

  • breakfastblunt August 24, 2016

    @belchesfelches That made me lol, +1.

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