Another Suicide By Train

David G.
21,312 Views 1 year ago

Cop tries to save suicidal guy from being run over and split in half by a train but failed. No need for an ambulance I guess just call the clean up crew

  • hatesniggers August 23, 2016

    No way in hell I'd risk my life for some stupid idiot that wants to die by train,, stupid fuckheads

    +4 -2
  •   whobe August 23, 2016

    I think he was trying to straighten him up he was a little crooked on the rail.

    +5 -0
  • james511969 August 23, 2016

    He's seen too many videos where idiots get run over in the mid section. This was the quickest most successful way to get the job done. Way to go asshole!

    +2 -1
  •   mordecai August 23, 2016

    That Casey Jones??? Must be a real downer when these idiots keeps jumping in front of his train

    +2 -2
  • sharkbait August 23, 2016

    Tag! Your it!

    +1 -1
  • breakfastblunt August 23, 2016

    @hatesniggers Ya dude, I agree. Fuck that shit. I've made a million bad decisions but not one to get me killed yet. I'm sure as fuck not laying down my life for someone laying down infront of an oncoming train. Besides, if he pulled that dude, he would have gotten him split in half. Then that has to live on your conscious for the rest of your life.

    +1 -2
  •   nybadguy August 23, 2016

    He laid down like a kid under a blanket hiding from the boogy man. Haha

    +2 -2
  • cag5150 August 23, 2016

    Where's the beef as my grandmother would bloody torn tissue muscle parts in this video...if I wanted to see stuff like this I would have gone to utube...

    +1 -4
  •   dozer67 August 23, 2016

    That's not how you do it. across not up and down.

    +0 -2
  •   truckingman August 23, 2016

    All I can say is the victim pick a MF" PERFICT SPOT.

    +1 -1
  • belchesfelches August 23, 2016

    They'll never get that shit & curry stink off the tracks now.

    +0 -1
  • doc_ock August 23, 2016

    Mother fucker went head first. He was serious

    +0 -1
  • twofords August 23, 2016

    What was the clearance of the train? He may have come out unscathed or missing an inch of skin all down his back and ass.

    +0 -2
    • jediwise70 May 1, 2017


      He lay where the asphalt was raised for the road crossing.

      No chance there. Our "cow pushers" sometimes even catch the edge of those crossings is they lay it too thick.

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  • airsporter August 24, 2016

    Give the policeman a Medal for trying... Brave man!

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  • woodchipper30 August 24, 2016


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  • ambermay August 24, 2016

    The jaws theme song was a nice touch.

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  • jediwise70 May 1, 2017

    Thing is, locomotive engineers never lose a game of chicken.

    I get three days off with pay if you kill yourself with my train.

    Just try to make it a weekend, ok?

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