Break Yourself...Bitch!

Jesse U.
23,922 Views 1 decade ago
  • naughty_samara April 21, 2005

    Fight Crime,Shoot Back.

  • dillon7715 April 21, 2005

    Serves the piece of shit right!

  • rockybalboa April 21, 2005

    If you came across a situation like that. Don´t you NEVER EVER touch the assailant's body.

  • mike8putang April 21, 2005

    he should of shot him a few more times ..just to make sure!!!

  • spongemike April 21, 2005

    thats nuckin futs.

  • ramyel April 21, 2005

    both are stupied asses why in the hell didnt the guy shoot trough the cloth? Instead of duckin!!

  • kciowafan April 21, 2005

    notice the second shot that the shop owner fires doesnt show a muzzle blast (fire from the end of gun) . Notice any blood on the floor when he is dragging the body to the back???Looks like a police training vid to me.

  • spongemike April 22, 2005

    Ya, nothing seems to get hit. Except the robber.

  • electricred April 22, 2005

    There is something fishy about it...but I'm parinoid and don't blame the shop owner for having the gun. I worked at a gas station for years and we always got robbed. It sucked.

  • m_y_k_e April 24, 2005

    The register dude is a stupid ass. He should have just given the dude the money. Aren't these guys insured against robberies and shit? He shot the theif several times unnecessarily. That's second degreee murder. What a fucking dumbass.

  • spotless_mind June 16, 2005

    It's a fake...I seen their whole set's a fake...

  • flakeyflakez December 26, 2005

    white ppl cant robb shit

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