Braziian Cops Beat Up Couple

David G.
13,055 Views 3 months ago

Cops in Brazil beat up on a couple after a coup attempt in Brazil this is clearly excessive force

  • felterupgood September 2, 2016


  • nybadguy September 2, 2016

    Those cop's have a way to go before they catch up to the one's in america.

  • mrpoop September 2, 2016

    where the fuck did that head kick come from...

  • lightfighter September 2, 2016

    Did I see Ryan Lochte in there?

  • whobe September 2, 2016

    Should have shot the person doing the kicking in the face.

  • potrostation September 2, 2016

    He dare say "fuck the Olympics".

  • belchesfelches September 2, 2016

    Only a communist pussy would say what happened in Brazil was a 'coup.' The leftist leadership in Brazil tried to rush head-long into the same toilet Venezuela is in and the smart people voted to kick out the trash and rightly so.

  • unseeneye September 3, 2016

    n people want to move to africa lol

  • airsporter September 3, 2016

    They only have a foot long retractible baton in the U.K. - Surprised he didnt go down what with the spray & pickaxe handles.

  • martinuk September 3, 2016

    these are puppy dogs compared to us cops

  • bigred197012 September 11, 2016

    I guess AmericanCops aren't the only ones that commit police brutality.

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