Painful Lungs

David G.
23,043 Views 1 year ago

Good time to quit smoking whe n your lungs do this

  • twofords September 8, 2016

    Is that a ruptured lung? Air leaking out, thru the ribs and stopped by the bit of skin and muscle? I've never seen this before.

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  • xizang September 8, 2016

    See? I told you there's something wrong with Hillary.

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  • jayisafag September 8, 2016

    @twofords, this is a very common injury. Happens with a lot of trauma cases. It is called flail chest. Basically this is a part of the ribcage that has become detached from the rest of the ribcage due to fractures. Imagine cutting a square window from a solid wall, that is what happens here, 2 or more ribs are fractured in two or more places and a piece of ribcage is detached, like a squared window from a wall. So this piece is basically interfering with normal breathing mechanics and that is why it looks so strange. BTW this is a huge flail. This is very dangerous and a lot of complications can arise from this.

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  •   nybadguy September 8, 2016

    I wanna poke it with a knife till it pops.

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  • pinkyjenk September 8, 2016

    It pains me to breathe just watching him..

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  •   mrpoop September 8, 2016

    poke it with a sharp stick

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  • cyberbu11y September 9, 2016

    He's gonna need a block of dry ice to keep the swelling down. They will next take the dry ice and smash his fucking skull in with it in order to complete this procedure. I'm glad if you found this informative.

    Sincerely, Monroe Longshenks M. D.

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  • sylvestre616 September 9, 2016

    It seems an alien is inside making a wild wank.

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  •   goodster September 9, 2016

    I'm dealing with just a cracked rib right now and this shit is painful enough to breath in deeply...Fuck all that shit.........................

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  • martinuk September 9, 2016

    I think he may stay in the hospital for the night there

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