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posted by Jesse U on 4/23/2005

Sorry About Your Luck...Buddy

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Triple BJ went horribly wrong

Beach and Pussy = WIN

Taking on a BIG cock!

She should be in porn


She can take a TON of cock
Comments From the Peanut Gallery
bull shit.......he dosnt have a clue..
posted on: 04-23-05 @ 1:26 AM

sucks to be him!!!
posted on: 04-23-05 @ 10:47 AM

In the words of Cornholio "Are you threatening me?" This laptop is just like the thousands of others that are stolen . . . GONE
posted on: 04-23-05 @ 11:33 AM

theives suck!!!cool video tho!!!
posted on: 04-23-05 @ 2:13 PM

I agree with Mike. He’s using scare tactics. A bluff. It probably worked.
posted on: 04-23-05 @ 5:17 PM

sell that sucker on the corner and lie
posted on: 04-23-05 @ 6:38 PM

i didnt do it and thats my story!!!!!!!!hehe
posted on: 04-23-05 @ 7:26 PM

Bullcrap. What idiot would store that kind of vital information on a laptop which isn’t password protected and encrypted on the hard disk drive? Even if he were a consultant to three majorly important things like that at once (which I also doubt)? Whoever would that deserves their data to get stolen. Nice bluff though. :)
posted on: 04-23-05 @ 9:53 PM

Federal Marshalls,, lmfao. Securities Exchange Commission,, lmfao. What a bluff. Bullshit. Stealing is low, its one of the lowest forms of crime, but lying your ass off to make yourself sound important isnt much better. If that pc had that much vital information on it, he wouldnt let it leave his site. In fact, that level of information probably isnt allowed to be downloaded to a personal pc,, and if someone is a consultant, they wouldnt have that level of access to files of that nature anyway,, and if they DID,, they would be making so much money there would be no need for them to whore themselves out to colleges for lectures to little thieves.
posted on: 09-10-06 @ 5:46 AM

He probably didnt want to get caught with all the kiddie porn!
posted on: 07-12-08 @ 10:44 PM

Haa haa what a fucking joke. You sir are a moron and allways will be one.
posted on: 03-16-09 @ 2:14 PM

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