Lucky vs Not So Much

David G.
21,776 Views 6 months ago

Idiot on a motorcycle barely escapes crashing into several cards then speeds up once he's safe wont' be long though and a car explodes after crashing into a truck

  • vulture September 14, 2016

    what was that car held together with..rust

  • felterupgood September 14, 2016

    The guy on the motorcycle needs to work on his camera skills. He seems to have lost focus during the fancy driving.

  • bobbabooey September 14, 2016

    If number one tailgates then gets in that situation only to end up gunning it we're gonna see him die on here.

  • airsporter September 14, 2016

    2nd one was probably a Muzzie late for a suicide explosion the way that disintegrated.

  • rugersoldier September 14, 2016

    jason bourne vs jason died

  • truckingman September 14, 2016

    The second clip, the explosive fire ball was cause by the car's the colapes of the fuel tank spraying all of the gas into a mist which hit the truck's hot exhaust pipes.

  • dozer67 September 14, 2016

    OH WELL....I'm going to go watch some porn, be back in 3 min....

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