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posted by Jay D. on 4/22/2005

The Iraq Helicopter Crash Video WARNING THIS IS VERY GRAPHIC!!!

If you want to find out more about the video, you can click here: More
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
This is SO fucked up and sad and it pisses me off...
posted on: 04-22-05 @ 7:23 PM

GOD DAMN MOTHER FUCKING TERRORIST SCUMBAGS. We should pull all of our troops out and NUKE all the mother fuckers to allah. We ought to kill all the muslim scumbags on the planet and solve this problem once and for all.
posted on: 04-22-05 @ 10:27 PM

I hope someday soon this will all be over ,but not until the job is done right his time.I would hate to see my boys go over there in another ten years and have to go through all of this again ..Thank you to all of u who have served and will serve.may god watch over u and your familys through these trying times and may we never forget the sacrafices that u have made .
posted on: 04-23-05 @ 1:57 AM

i hope there is a special place in hell for those fucking camel jockeys..fuck them and there fucked up religion ...killem all let god sort them out.
posted on: 04-23-05 @ 2:09 AM

THATS AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted on: 04-23-05 @ 3:06 PM

they like killing us, we like killing them. It really doesn’t matter who it is. WAR SUCKS
posted on: 04-23-05 @ 5:38 PM

Why the fuck are you all complaining? You elected Mr. Bush who sent the troops over. And then to redeem yourselves, you elected the asshole again. It was totally unnecessary to start a war with Iraq. The had nothing to do with 911. Bush wanted to get Saddam for disrespecting his daddy.
posted on: 04-24-05 @ 7:02 PM

Hey myke, you fuckin retard do some research before you open your sewer hole. Iraq is one of the hiding places and headquarters for Muslim terrorist. Pres. Bush did not kill our people the enemy did. Why don’t you get off your liberal faggot ass pick up an M-16 and do some combat time. I served 6 years in the Marines and did my share in the sandbox and I get a little pissed off when I see our people killed by these scumbags. If you ain’t been there shut the fuck up!
posted on: 04-26-05 @ 12:13 AM

Kill each other fuck.... Degrade the population. The less we are the less problems in the world. I hope USA bombs the whole arab nation. I hope racism, cruelty, scandals, poverty,dishonesty kills USA on the other half. Drugs mostly !!! .... I hope drugs kill the whole world. I hope we all restart cuz this fucking world and what it has become is just wrong. The so called balance of mother nature... too many bad side lately and nothing’s good come out of it. Hopefully one day and soon an asteroid hits the earth and all these madafuckers die and we go back to adam and eve era. I can’t fucking wait !!
posted on: 04-29-05 @ 12:14 AM

You igonorant war supporters. No matter how many facts you get you still buy the Coporate Puppet Masters lies. Just because your administration feeds you those myths you don’t have to by them. War is for ignorant morons and anyone who supports it is a dangerous, ignorant moron. Kill or be killed is the name of the game, we even watched US Solders on TV killing wounded Iraqies which is more reprehensible?
posted on: 05-29-05 @ 4:46 AM

I would have done the same thing if I was those Iraqi freedom fighters. I hope they make a sequel!!!
posted on: 08-25-05 @ 9:09 PM

Rot in hell...and take djdeej with you
posted on: 09-03-05 @ 9:42 PM

what the fuck? you dumb fuckin Americans are too dumb for words. American troops go into Iraq, blow the shit out of everything, even end up shooting down 4 British helicopters, yet the minute an American chopper is sent down, you reckon it is wrong? What do you expect them to do? Just sit there and not fight back? The war in Iraq is only a personal vendetta for George W Bush, there was no reason to be there, yet thousands of innocent people have been killed. You Americans make me sick, laugh at the innocent Iraqis being killed, but the second the murdering American troops get some back, you make out the Iraqis are wrong. Fuck America! Fuck George W, and Fuck all you pricks who think this video wasn’t fair justice served.
posted on: 09-18-05 @ 1:01 PM

I agree with Burgie, "NUKE all the mother fuckers to allah. " We could use a glass parking lot in that part of the world. It would be good for their economy. Oh, and lostinsanity, you get a front row seat at ground zero. It’s impossible to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person so...STFU & GO FUCK YOURSELF!
posted on: 02-15-06 @ 4:19 AM

this is so wrong... fuck bush.... support our troops it’s not their fault.
posted on: 02-15-06 @ 6:24 AM

wish I was back there to fuck them up. bought it in afghanistan MD out of there :(
posted on: 06-23-06 @ 5:18 PM

Fuckin bastards!
posted on: 11-10-08 @ 11:24 AM

i do not understand why usa make war with this fuckers, the usa must pay for this crapped shit, how high is the price under the gouvernment under Obama ? I donīt no for both side itīs shit, better let the moslems alone !
posted on: 11-20-08 @ 10:12 AM

All you libral minded fucks who talk trash about the us can die a thousand death’s in hell.You fucking live in country where you can do things they cant even though you have different opinions you dont have to sleep with a ak-47 under your pillow although with opinions like that you should.Wake up and smell the shit covered world you live in fuckers!Support our nation dont back stub us.Muslim loving pieces of dog shit!USA is the greatest country on earth and you live here so fucking act like it.They do harbour terrorists in that country so fuck them and fuck you!!!!!!!!!
posted on: 01-22-10 @ 4:17 PM

with all my respects to my american friends,and to those who serve overseas,and the diggers in australia who serve in iraq ,love you all
posted on: 09-29-11 @ 2:19 AM

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