BLM Attacks White People

Riots going on in Charlotte and black lives matter is attacking random white people even a homeless guy was kicked down. I believe if the mass media didn't stir the pot we could all get along

  • goiter September 22, 2016

    Someone throw them a baseketball!

    +24 -1
  •   whobe September 22, 2016

    Its not going to be funny any more when white people start doing JFK on them.

    +19 -1
  • felterupgood September 22, 2016

    Shit is getting real

    +5 -1
  • aweyeah September 22, 2016

    Blacks make up 13% of the population. Niggers make up 50% the blacks (approximately). Yet somehow, niggers commit 52% of ALL murders in the US. Explain that to me Mr President, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Colin Kapearnic... I'll wait.

    +14 -3
  • prodeath September 22, 2016


    +12 -1
  • tattydaddy September 22, 2016

    Fucking pieces of shit hiding behind a "cause" to act out their natural instincts of being monkey wrenches in the cogs of society.

    +16 -1
  •   sbohica September 22, 2016


    +15 -8
  • james511969 September 22, 2016

    Black lives only matter when they get shot by the pōlice.

    No, no they don't.

    +13 -1
  •   toreal September 22, 2016

    ^^^Fuck all yall!

    +4 -20
  • el_chingon September 22, 2016

    it take 20 niggers to make one....LOL

    +5 -3
  •   nybadguy September 22, 2016

    That black dude just kicked santa on his ass.

    +6 -0
  • bananahammock September 22, 2016

    He kicks a homeless white guy because of his white privilege.

    +11 -2
  • eggsovereazy September 22, 2016

    That homeless white guy was probably an undercover

    +3 -22
  • eggsovereazy September 22, 2016

    Look at all the piss off white people here lol if there weren't any racist white cops that kill people for no reason we would have blm and most of these stupid racist white cops ain't even trained properly this is why people are mad and the media brainwashed washed these blacks thinking that all cops are racists and people believe it I'm not racist buttery the Jews that control the media are partly to blame for this race war garbage all u white people get mad offended when I make white jokes here oh but when there a black or India or mexican u faggots go full retard lol

    +2 -24
  • eggsovereazy September 22, 2016

    White people are known to start race wars with other people and use more welfare than others

    +2 -24
  •   sbohica September 22, 2016

    Have you really ever heard a bitch scream? Then just pretend Ouch rounded the corner and faced those jungle rats!

    +9 -6
  • galtab September 22, 2016

    I feel like going out an killing me some Niggers now.

    +12 -3
  • pankracy666 September 22, 2016

    Planet of the Apes.

    +10 -2
  • airsporter September 22, 2016

    BLM is just getting itself hijacked for the morally challenged of either colour.

    +4 -0
  • belchesfelches September 22, 2016

    @airsporter BULLSHIT! BLM is just another nigger excuse to riot and loot - always has been, always will be.

    +9 -2
  • pinkyjenk September 22, 2016

    It all comes full circle, it's a never ending cycle they get shot - riot about that black person getting shot - get shot again - and riot again. At this rate the population of blacks will go down.

    +5 -1
  • doondah September 22, 2016

    Fucking niggers, those lowlives should be tortured. Niggers are the lowest race on earth, i hate them stinky fuckers

    +4 -3
  • strokerace September 22, 2016

    Oh yeah they are so badass when there are a big group of them and picking on homeless people. I hope when the NC National Guard shows up these niggers try fucking with them. So it gives the National Guard a reason to unload some .50 caliber rounds in there black asses.

    +6 -2
  • insanemonkey September 22, 2016

    ignorant bunches of nobodies. all they wanted to do was loot..smh

    +6 -1
  • pinkyjenk September 22, 2016

    The most the national guard is going to do is tear gas them, and maintain order.. no one's going to get shot by a .50 cal.

    +3 -1
  • stickman1 September 22, 2016

    Fucking niggers. Still using their skin color as an excuse. And yes, i said niggers, not black people. I have friends that are white, i have friends that are black, i even have friends that are white that pretend they are black. But i don't have any friends that are niggers.

    +5 -2
  • stoli September 22, 2016

    Fucking monkeys!!

    +3 -2
  • zahnfee September 22, 2016


    +5 -2
  • fatlarry September 22, 2016

    Black lives matter only for the ghetto lotto. none of these fucking assholes will ever be charged with a hate crime, sad state our country is in right now!

    +2 -2
  • markrob824 September 22, 2016

    These people and I use that term loosely, think because the cops shoot some dick head that has a rap sheet, and was breaking the law that everyone is racist. This here is just more proof that they are the racist ones not whites. it's 2016 there is no more slaves get the fuck over it and stop breaking the law. 11 million Jews were killed in the holocaust are they dwelling no they become lawyers and doctors and get rich not shit bum gang bangers

    +3 -3
  • sleeko September 22, 2016

    This is why all those white people went out and bought all those AR15's, the last few years. And, why Obama wants to take them away.

    +4 -2
  •   truckingman September 22, 2016

    Should I even MF" ASK HOW THE "Black Lives Matters" MOVEMENT HAS TURNED INTO ROVING GANGS OF MF" ____________??????

    +4 -1
  •   sbohica September 22, 2016

    The government will NEVER take our guns away! No matter who the prez is. I mean never, ever, ever, never! The GOP just uses that as a scare tactic to flip the left. I mean never!

    +4 -6
  • ob1 September 22, 2016

    Robbed the guys jeans probably to steal his wallet. Fuckin scum kicking a homeless man, shooting is too good for them.

    +2 -1
  •   maddog123 September 22, 2016

    MY BALLLS ITCH!!!!!!!!!!

    +0 -2
  •   ouch September 22, 2016

    @sbohica You just can't help yourself can you retard? this infatuation you have with me is pathetic. I honestly hope you use the N word in your daily life and someone takes you out Permanently. You're just nasty pathetic worthless peace of shit

    +5 -7
  • thefuckusay September 22, 2016

    Black cop shoots black suspect, the police chief is black, black prosecutor, most of the city council is black, how is this a white vs black problem? It's just another made up excuse for niggers to be niggers

    +6 -1
  • pinkyjenk September 22, 2016

    @thefuckusay They use it to cause a riot and to break into places and loot shit without getting caught..

    +4 -1
  • doc_ock September 22, 2016

    try that shit with an armed white guy

    +3 -1
  •   sbohica September 22, 2016

    Ouch, boo fucking hoo. Your words.... So hurtful and cruel. Fuck you faggot. Go suck some more cock and pimp out your ho'!

    +5 -8
  •   ouch September 22, 2016

    @sbohica Really Boy? Why don't you just grow up you troll, Do you like to put others down so you feel better about yourself? U r Just a Sad Sad little man. you just can't go a day with out mentioning my name can you? Just another guy that needed more hugs or was hugged to much by the wrong family member huh? oh and stop +1 ing yourself with your other account, I have access to the + - reports dick head.

    +11 -1
  • pinkyjenk September 22, 2016

    The fighting in this video has spread to the comment section.

    +3 -1
  • aquahollic September 22, 2016

    this is exactly why I carry a gun and have no issue plowing through a group of black people standing on the highway

    +3 -0
  •   goodster September 23, 2016

    Hey,,SBO,,Your Beef is with Ouch, Right?? than leave Shanny out of it. Honestly I think we are ALL tired and worn-out from all bickering that goes on in the "Peanut Gallery"! Ouchy,,You Too!! TAKE IT TO THE FORUMS, and if it's an epic fight ,,, THEN let the rest of use know know, and then the ones that care,,,,,,,,, can fallow along. I only have so many hours in the day/eve to visit my favorite site, and dislike reading hate mail if I don't have to. ...This also applies to bout everyone else too! Now my brain hurts so good night!! GOODSTER

    +7 -0
  •   goodster September 23, 2016

    Ya,, I see my Grammatical errors,, sorry.

    +2 -0
  • woodchipper30 September 23, 2016


    +2 -0
  • chiliyouwhore September 23, 2016

    and they wander my cops want to shoot them

    +2 -0
  • realism September 23, 2016

    I rarely miss at these ranges, just sayin...

    +2 -0
  •   ouch September 23, 2016

    no probs @goodster and Shanny said thank you and not to worry abut him as she doesn't

    +3 -0
  •   oldrooster September 23, 2016

    Was that Tooreals family reunion?

    +4 -0
  • boofano September 23, 2016

    Its the real planet of the apes ...

    +4 -0
  • martinuk September 23, 2016

    These niggers should be chained up in your garden doing work now you let them loose you paying the price fuckers

    +0 -0
  • joedumber September 23, 2016

    BLM is a peacefull non violent movement and they beleive in equality and honest justice, these people on this video are not true BLM people they are BLM extremist

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  •   misfit_88 September 24, 2016

    someone please remind us WHY black lives matter?

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  • junkhunter September 24, 2016

    You don't hear shit about this on the news. But if it was whites attacking blacks the media would never stop talkins about it.

    +1 -0
  • ullcumabunch September 25, 2016

    In Charlotte, they were breaking into businesses, beating on whites, tearing up cars. That was on the first night of their "protests" (when they had everybody out numbered by about 10 to 1). On the nights after that, the national guard was there to help keep the numbers even. There has been no more violence since the MY showed up. Niggers ain't SHIT unless it's 10 of them against 1. That's a well proven FACT! But they are some walking motherfuckers, Cause over half of them proly don't have a damn car, and their used to walking everywhere. Fuck BLM! That shit REALLY stands for Behaving Like Monkeys, Or maybe BRAINS LIKE Monkeys.

    +0 -0
  • sokonomi September 27, 2016

    This is why more people should start concealed carrying. Charlotte would have been a graveyard if people were allowed to defend themselves against these packs of apes.

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  • dgpnca June 14, 2017

    Someday they well become civilized.

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