Cops Kill Terence Crutcher

Friendly neighborhood cops shooting yet another black man did he deserverve it? I don't know that is your call but who knows maybe he dindu nuffin

  • treehouse21 September 23, 2016

    Smart move waiting for the cops to leave your place before posting this!

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  • felterupgood September 23, 2016

    If I were black I would ask to be cuffed and put in a cop car till the situation concluded

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  • xizang September 23, 2016

    He's black, so he's a 'bad dude'. At the rate they're going, the cops aren't going to leave any negroes to shine shoes or work at the post office.

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  • maddog123 September 23, 2016

    Fuck em!

    +7 -2
  • toreal September 23, 2016

    Scary ass female bitch of a cop.

    +5 -4
  • sharkkiller1 September 23, 2016

    for all of you wondering the body cam video the video was not released yet though was described and that black thing laying next to him by his leg is a gun this was a clean shoot and they want to throw this lady to the monkeys to calm them down fuck all niggers kill them all along with all the beaners and rag heads chinks jews pacific islanders indians (pull start and push start ) smelly eruopeans and all the rest of the people that i cant think of right now you know what fuck it just kill off every person in africa thats a good start or if tomarrow i woke up and there were only white people left on this planet all the other races vanished due to inferior genes that would be the best but all my ranting aside i think we would all do alot better if we cut our population by around five billion people the aliens out there are farming us and letting us grow so they can harvest us just like the movie jupiter ascending so if we cut our population down they wont have any want to harvest us and they let us live for a while longer i forgot what i was talking about

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  • eggsovereazy September 23, 2016

    Those cops weren't trained well enough especially the lady she looked unsure and retarded hope she does prison for killing an innocent man

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  • burlyfish September 23, 2016

    Really i see more than one person at fault 1st he did not obey commands and headed back towards his suv. 2nd the officer that shot him should have not been so emotional and trigger happy. 3rd whoever the dumbfuck that hired her or had control over her position and not working behind the desk should be fired and charged as an accomplice.

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  • maddog123 September 23, 2016

    Already no the outcome of trial!? Bitch cop will let judge decide? And we all no what that means! She will walk! Plus she will get back pay a raise and a throw down gun for her to use the next time she kills someone else! Its the main reason she's in this shit now because she didn't have one for this kill!

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  • sbohica September 23, 2016

    Not guilty your honor. Give her gun and badge back and send her back out.

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  • breakfastblunt September 23, 2016

    First of all, he was unarmed with no weapons in his vehicle. Second, this dumb bitch is only being charged for manslaughter. Not that it matters though the charge, cops get off with 1st-3rd degree murder anyways.

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  • sharkkiller1 September 23, 2016

    @breakfastblunt fuck you that thing laying by his leg is a gun you fucking nigtard

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  • breakfastblunt September 23, 2016

    No its not

    +4 -5
  • breakfastblunt September 23, 2016

    They claim he had a gun, but the police chief didn't even know if it was even loaded. This whole story is sketch as fuck. How does the police chief not know if a gun is loaded before him releasing a press conference?

    +3 -4
  • el_chingon September 23, 2016

    The nigger should have obeyed the cop....

    +8 -4
  • breakfastblunt September 23, 2016

    And why would anyone be charged if he did have a gun. Again, sketch as fuck.

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  • prodeath September 23, 2016

    All she (or any other cop) has to say is: "I thought my life (and/or my fellow officers lives) were in danger".

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  • breakfastblunt September 23, 2016

    I may have given maddog123 my first +1 ever for him.

    +3 -4
  • el_chingon September 23, 2016

    The nigger should have obeyed the cop....

    This bullshit of no weapons in his vehicle....the cops didn't know that!

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  • sbohica September 23, 2016

    @felterupgood, Im assuming your white and if all the cops were black, would you make the same statement? If I were black, I would lay down on the ground, arms and legs out and survive to see another day.

    +11 -2
  • toreal September 23, 2016

    ^^^^@sharkkiller1 The guy in Oklahoma didn't have a gun. You stupid, dumb, special ed, illiterate sun of a bitch!!!!!

    +7 -9
  • sharkkiller1 September 23, 2016

    @toreal what a shock a nigger defending a nigger if you dont like the way the cops treat you in this country go nigger your way to another one

    +7 -7
  • breakfastblunt September 23, 2016

    @sharkkiller Well toreal would be less likely to be shot dead by law enforcement unarmed, profiled, or incarcerated for non-violent crimes.

    +3 -4
  • maddog123 September 23, 2016

    @breakfastblunt might be your first plus you have giving me but not the first time you have tried to blow me yeah boy you ain't getting my shlong love!!!!!!

    +9 -0
  • whobe September 23, 2016

    @sbohica I'm with you on this and even if a white person has guns drawn on him. At least for the moment it looks like dad is going to be making sandwiches for the kids.

    +4 -2
  • james511969 September 23, 2016

    Really? If he just listend to her and stoped walking away from her, then maybe he might be alive today. Police are trained, shoot to kill, not shoot to injure, or scare.

    Now she's facing manslaughter charges, all because he didn't listen.

    +5 -2
  • nybadguy September 23, 2016

    They didn't have to kill the man. There is other ways of detaining someone. Most cops are physically out of shape to attempt to wrestle someone to the ground. So shoot first then cuff.

    +4 -1
  • thefuckusay September 23, 2016

    Plenty of time to use a taser, this is not a clean shoot, even if there was a gun why wait and let him get to the vehicle? The one I carolina was justified not this one

    +2 -0
  • happyjack September 23, 2016

    Damn I'm agreeing with sbohica again on this one. (ouch will really think we have a secret alliance now) But it's pretty simple....If a cop tells you to lay down on the ground, lay your ass down on the ground. If he tells you to don't go towards your vehicle, don't go towards your vehicle. A lot of cops are already fearful, nervous, and on edge when it comes to black people. I'm a big guy and workout, most times I pass by a cop they won't make eye contact or speak, but I will say hello to them like I would anyone else, and you can almost see a sigh of relief come over some of them, like ah he's ok he doesn't want to kill me lol. But that being said if they are giving us commands at gunpoint, it's a pretty good idea to comply. Even if the cop is breaking the law or violating your rights during the course of arresting you, live another day to take the motherfucker to court in a civil case. I'll do whatever I have to do to not get myself shot by a frightened cop.

    +13 -0
  • happyjack September 23, 2016

    @sharkkiller1 you sound like a guy who has a problem with the majority of people in this country, so instead of aaaallll of us leaving, it would make a lot more sense if you took your angry ass to some remote island and just went and died by yourself. This is all hypothetical of course, because financially I have a feeling you can't even make it over to your bordering state. Well, you can always just run off into the woods somewhere and get lost forever.

    +10 -3
  • felterupgood September 23, 2016

    @sbohica When black cops pull me over in my Rolls Royce they know I'm not going to be shooting them. I could probably ask to play with their gun.

    +2 -3
  • belchesfelches September 23, 2016

    @felterupgood If you were black you would not be smart enough to have thought of that.

    +2 -1
  • felterupgood September 23, 2016

    It's simple... do what they say... at most they'll take your stash and make you pay a fine. If you were a cop had you rather smoke a guy's stash or fill out paperwork for days and get your buddies killed.

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  • martinuk September 23, 2016

    another nigger bites the dust fuck yaaaaaa

    +2 -6
  • breakfastblunt September 23, 2016

    The guy had PCP in his car, that explains as to why he might not have complied. But there has been nothing released saying that he was under the influence at the time and it doesn't justify him being shot.

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  • t6688846993 September 23, 2016

    Fuck law enforcement officers and their gayass fanboys

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  • ouch September 23, 2016

    @happyjack it's not a secret

    +4 -3
  • airsporter September 23, 2016

    How can they possibly conclude from the helicopter - 'He looks like a bad dude'?

    +4 -2
  • mordecai September 23, 2016

    someone give sharkkiller1 his meds

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  • joedumber September 23, 2016

    @sharkkiller1 that was his wallet

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  • realism September 24, 2016


    +3 -2
  • junkhunter September 24, 2016

    Will these negros never learn? Why of course they wont.

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  • as2mouth September 24, 2016

    Man there are alot of racists pussys on this site but i bet they would nevet say this shit to a black guy in there face lol good old keyboard warriors

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