Best shotguning video

Big Jeff
21,126 Views 6 months ago

So your boys kick open the door and throw you a beer. Do you just drink it after, or slam that shit like a fucking man.

  • oathbreaker September 25, 2016

    Never scared, always ready...These cheap beers aint gonna drink for the toilet, war always has innocent victims

  • mykejp September 25, 2016

    So he's slamming down a cold one and shooting the shit. Typical frat boy behavior.

  • sbohica September 25, 2016

    Its crazy how toreal shows up in a lot of the vids.

  • truckingman September 25, 2016


    Shaking his head, .............

  • nybadguy September 25, 2016

    What goes in must come out.

  • maddog123 September 25, 2016


  • maddog123 September 25, 2016

    I used to no a kid mike! He would every time! When he was at k mart take a shit either in the floor and smear it all over the stall! Or crawl in the middle of a rack of clothes and shit! And he loved going to the city pool and taking a big old dump in it! Fucker was crazy and nasty! And eh crazy!

  • belchesfelches September 25, 2016

    That's toreal's birth video.

  • whobe September 25, 2016

    That had to be Shits Malt Liquor.

  • mrpoop September 26, 2016

    Shitty video

  • airsporter October 22, 2016

    Some Mothers Little Precious!...

    I would shoot you you cunt if you did that at my Place!

  • stinkywand November 28, 2016

    This shit is for you!

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