Two For Tuesday: Quick Fights

David G.
19,429 Views 6 months ago

Two For Tuesday this ho doesn't give a fuck and kicks that bitches ass she didn't get her insurance information but she got to show off that big fat ass and then Tyron asks for Jose to punch and he gets his wish and ends up taking a siesta

  • zahnfee September 27, 2016


  • belchesfelches September 27, 2016

    Ok...can some of you spear chuckers clarify something for us civilized folk? I'm serious here....

    In that second one the knee grow knocked out - would he be classified as a 'bitch nigger' or a 'fuck nigger?'

  • pinkyjenk September 27, 2016

    Should of been 3 fights, Because that woman in the first videos ass was fighting to stay in those shorts.

  • whobe September 27, 2016

    That wasn't an ass that was a gorilla butt.

  • fistermister September 27, 2016

    You keep posting these videos, National Geographic will be out of business.

  • mrpoop September 27, 2016


  • longhungwong September 27, 2016

    nalga lives matter mrpoop?

  • truckingman September 27, 2016

    Just shaking his head, .............

  • jimmydcap September 27, 2016

    He got knocked the fuck out..

  • dracos September 27, 2016

    @belchesfelches checked the urban pictionary the correct term is: bitch ass fuck nigga. Although first three terms can be mixed in any order necessary (ass) is the word that consolidates fuck and bitch to the nigga

  • belchesfelches September 27, 2016

    @dracos I see. It seems to come down to context and artistic merit.

  • dracos September 27, 2016

    @belchesfelches autistic merit

  • maddog123 September 27, 2016

    My balls itch!

  • aquahollic September 28, 2016

    couldn't tell if that first one was a fight or an aggressive hand job from a prostitute

  • insanemonkey September 29, 2016

    fight rule, dont bump chest, acting hard, just start swinging.

  • treygoodzz October 1, 2016

    @belchesfelches coming from a hater who's dick doesn't reach over his balls! unlike us blacks we don't have that problem. **I'm The Big Dog, your Just A Flea & I Scratch You Off My Balls So Bounce**

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