Houston Cops Protect & Serve The Hell Out Of Black Man

David G.
18,811 Views 6 months ago

Police officer in Houston kicks a black man's toe asking him to get u and when he does he gets protected and served to hell with a baton getting beat to next week. At least the cop is also black or we'd have riots. Still pretty fucked up if you ask me

  • james511969 September 28, 2016

    So where is BLM and why are they mad about this?

    Is it because the white cop didn't shoot?

  • ouch September 28, 2016

    Move along, nothing to see here

  • oathbreaker September 28, 2016

    "Quick! Get the prop gun and plant it somewhere!"

  • vulture September 28, 2016

    the only thing I am surprised about is he didn't get shot

  • pinkyjenk September 28, 2016

    They beat him black and... Oh wait..

  • captainanus September 28, 2016

    It was a nigger cop though, surely there is nothing racist there. Or does a jiggaboo turn into a honky when he dons a cop uniform.

    This is just like in old mother Africa, the biggest threat to black there is other blacks. I think Chris Rock pointed out a simmilar scenario in America.

  • mrpoop September 28, 2016

    Stick time..Yeah boy!

  • zmolez September 28, 2016

    I feel safer already..

  • prodeath September 28, 2016

    That black cop was having way too much fun

  • whobe September 28, 2016

    Trollreal's dad finally met him for the first time.

  • doonut September 28, 2016

    When are the cops going to learn you can't beat the stupid out of people?

  • airsporter September 28, 2016

    Moral Is Pay Attention:

    1. The odd verbal clue.. Like stand still MF..

    2. The odd physical clue.. Like they are 4 x your Biomass Index without a Glock pointed your way.

    3. The odd visual colour clue blue surgical gloves that suggests fluids are going to be spilt and you are not in a Porno at this present time.

  • felterupgood September 28, 2016

    Yikes ! I'm in Houston right now... I think I'll stay in my hotel room.

  • bobbabooey September 28, 2016

    Houston has trolleys? Nice.

  • el_chingon September 28, 2016

    These are law enforcement officers....not case workers!

  • pinkyjenk September 28, 2016

    @bobbabooey When it's not underwater from all the rain.

  • mrpoop September 28, 2016

    @Felterupgood welcome. ..go get some Pink's Pizza or a bad ass burger from Miller's cafe or stanton city bites.

  • truckingman September 28, 2016

    The agresive officer's partner tried to stay out of the way of agresive officer's MF" BATON!!!

  • fatlarry September 28, 2016

    In all fairness he did tell him to pull up his pants nicely the first time

  • yeayeayea September 28, 2016


  • cyberbu11y September 28, 2016

    @whobe can't stop lmao +8

  • nybadguy September 28, 2016

    Crooked pricks

  • acairman September 28, 2016

    He deserved it,needs more blood.

  • belchesfelches September 28, 2016

    Facts are if the nigger cop wasn't a nigger he'd be brought up on assault charges for the baton to the head.

  • honkie365 September 28, 2016

    When do the riots start?

  • blartfart September 29, 2016

    Thats a motherfuckin police issue ASP he got hit with....it doesn't bend.

  • darkmaturus September 29, 2016

    The guy decided to buck Up to a cop and got hit for it. Just followed fucking instructions men.

  • bennyboy19 September 29, 2016

    Probably called the cop a Nigger, but wait, he is...

  • unseeneye September 29, 2016

    would of been better if a train was coming

  • freddykrueger October 5, 2016

    cop had a flashback from his orchestra conducting days...

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