GUESS THE COUNTRY: Cop killed for a parking ticket

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  • bukakkeejuice October 6, 2016


  • eggsovereazy October 6, 2016


  • vulture October 6, 2016

    what's a paring ticket

  • bukakkeejuice October 6, 2016

    @vulture easy in brazil you are paired with a hood (ganster/killer)..if the hood doesnt kill you he gets the ticket.

  • mrpoop October 6, 2016

    Yep probably Brazil

  • allcaps October 6, 2016


  • martinuk October 6, 2016

    my god this guy cant even spell look at the head line

    this not good crazyshit didn't you guys go to school

  • darkmadness October 6, 2016

    They cannot send me to this shithole with 10 million USD for free. Of course the getaway car is a shitty vtec fartcan.

  • freddykrueger October 6, 2016

    LOL the guy in the yellow shirt spit on him!

  • prodeath October 6, 2016

    via crimejunkie DOT com - Philippines-The suspect arrested, identified as Geronimo Iquin, shot dead traffic enforcer Ernesto Paras Jr. on La Salle Street in Barangay Silangan and even ran over the victim as he fled the scene of the crime in a black car.

    Paras had confiscated the car’s license plate for double parking along La Salle Street. Iquin had a standing warrant of arrest for estafa.

  • bobbabooey October 6, 2016

    This whole "first" shit is lame. The funny comments of some hilarious people have been replaced by these jagoffs.

  • bennyboy19 October 6, 2016

    Civic owners are all the same

  • dracos October 6, 2016

    @prodeath thanks, nice to know the backstory

  • felterupgood October 6, 2016

    @bobbabooey Second

  • happyjack October 6, 2016

    We play guess the country, and guess everything else on all of these pictures and videos you lazy prick.

  • ouch October 6, 2016

    @happyjack I was going to Buy you a V.I.P but I think that would be more of an insult then a compliment these days! Can someone please inject some personality into this TITANIC of a site!

  • stenchfart October 6, 2016

    ...personality ??...(*farts*)

  • sbohica October 6, 2016

    Let's play blog bingo.

  • truckingman October 6, 2016

    I hope this fallen brazilian officer's family is in a safe location.

  • wisconsinjed October 6, 2016

    @martinuk Hey Martin. You really need to be careful pointing out someone's level of(or lack of) education. Especially when the post your calling him out on is this, "my god this guy cant even spell look at the head line this not good crazyshit didn’t you guys go to school". I not sure what a "spell look" is. How do you know he has a line on his head? Are you with him? Is there a picture of him on the site that I don't know about? "This not good"? Did you turn into Tarzan all of a sudden? I'm not trying to insult you man. I'm sure I have many, many grammatical and spelling errors up and down this site. I probably have a few in THIS paragraph. All I'm saying is you're playing with fire when you point out someone else's errors. We cool? Yea we cool. Peace all.

  • captjim October 6, 2016


  • belchesfelches October 6, 2016

    It's in one of them shit-skinned countries...what do I win?

  • wisconsinjed October 6, 2016

    This is a upscale neighborhood in Australia! Geeeeez folks! Isn't it obvious?

  • aquahollic October 6, 2016


  • pizzapie October 6, 2016

    This is Australia for sure

  • tookalook October 6, 2016

    It's Fuckdapoliceistan

  • maddog123 October 6, 2016

    My fucking balls itch!!!!!!!

  • ouch October 7, 2016

    @pizzapie lmmfao Buy a globe

  • nitrazepam October 8, 2016

    and that would be the Philippines for you...quezon city, Manila to be exact.

  • bigred197012 October 8, 2016

    Hope that catch the bastard that killed him.

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