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posted by Jesse U on 4/26/2005

5 Year Old Getting Arrested

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Jesse U.
I donít care what anybody says, there is no need to arrest a 5 year old little girl!!! No matter how bad you think she may be. Thatís not how to handle a child.
posted on: 04-26-05 @ 4:15 PM

My leather belt would solve the case...
posted on: 04-26-05 @ 4:59 PM

She deserves it !! But then again.... the parents deserves it even more. Why you ask ?? Cuz not enough parents these days are setting a good example to their kids. And most are spoiling them ! They need to be taught right and be punished for their bad behavior. This would make good moral for the kid. If a child learns his / her lesson, that child will learn to behave. So blame the parents ! Spank your kids ! --
posted on: 04-26-05 @ 7:21 PM

5 is not to young that way they will learn to respect theyre parents and rock thats not the way they only start to build anger and then one day while your asleep u feel a big 12gauge in your face and then they pull the trigger
posted on: 04-26-05 @ 10:22 PM

Errr... What did she do?
posted on: 04-26-05 @ 11:17 PM

I think it’s sweet. They should ass rape the little bitch in jail.
posted on: 04-27-05 @ 12:33 AM

i am canadian
only in the u.s.
posted on: 04-27-05 @ 8:48 AM

She was pulling crap off the walls, climbing furniture, punching her teacher and the administrator, she was screaming and hurting other kids. They’ve had problems with this little girl before and when they called her mom she said "She’s on your time, you deal with her." So they delt with her the best way they could. Her Mom was evicted from their home last week and is moving out of Florida. I say good riddince. That kid was a fucking brat!!!!
posted on: 04-27-05 @ 9:03 AM

Jesse U.
m_y_k_e ...Face? You sick Bastard What happens when they arrest your 5 year old for some stupid ass shit like bringing a pair of scissors to school? If you let them start arresting 5 year olds itís not going to end there, that would just the beginning.
posted on: 04-27-05 @ 11:52 AM

She wasn’t arrested, she was cuffed and put in the squad car until her mother carme to pick her up. If her parents had taught her one ounce of respect for anything she wouldn’t be in this situation. They are to blame more than the 5 year old but she has to learn that there are rules that apply to everyone. And before you bring it up, my children have respect for authority figures and aren’t going to be punching anyone!
posted on: 04-27-05 @ 12:23 PM

m_y_k_e you sick asshole that is just wrong what are you some kid of child molester? cause that just wasn’t funny AT ALL!!!!!
posted on: 04-27-05 @ 12:38 PM

Jesse U.
How do you know her parent’s are not teaching her respect. Do not assume. What if a child is wrongly taken into custody one day, all because someone could not deal with that Childs behavior. Cuffing a child will have a long-term effect on that child. I personally don’t care if her parents are teaching her to disrespect the law. You can not help a child by hurting a child. I agree some thing needs to be done about kids that are out of control, I just don’t believe this is the answer.
posted on: 04-27-05 @ 1:53 PM

A GOOD ASS WHIPING WOULD SOLVE THIS..to her mom not the kid.the mother is responsible a five year old does not know right from wrong and at that age they all test there limits. she dosnt have any.so the mom if u want to call her that ! never instilled any positive behavior or roll model.
posted on: 04-27-05 @ 2:12 PM

she attacked a teacher. this wasnt just a fight. she has no respect. she needs her ass whipped.
posted on: 04-27-05 @ 2:20 PM

i bet she was scared...i feel sorry 4 her.
posted on: 04-27-05 @ 10:34 PM

m_y_k_e u are a dumb ass , i guess u dont have any kids . what ever she did was not bad enough that a grown ass principle or teacher couldnt have handled. thats just wrong , i know some adults that r cry and get scared when they get handcuffs on them , even if the did something or not that does somethin to a person if its there first time. i hope something is being done about that school and police dept. all she needed was her ass wooped realy good
posted on: 04-27-05 @ 10:44 PM

I still say fuck the bitch.
posted on: 04-28-05 @ 12:12 AM

would u say that if she was white, asshole. that is one fucked up video. thanks Jesse, for the commentary. sometimes you just gotta speak up.
posted on: 04-28-05 @ 11:04 AM

discipline needed? yes. arresting her? no.
posted on: 04-28-05 @ 7:11 PM

That did not happen in fl It was in Ohio up by toledo. It was all over the news here. What u dont see is that they tried for over a hr and did not know what else to do with her. They did try to call her mom and could not get a hold of her. Im not saying what they did was right It wasnt!!!!!!!!
posted on: 04-28-05 @ 8:53 PM

Myke u are one sick person!!!!!
posted on: 04-28-05 @ 8:57 PM

parents need counselling, rehab and most likely jail time !! Why is the kid acting like that ?> cuz..... THE PARENTS OF COURSE !! She was probably ignored too much while both parents were too busy with their dryg habit not giving a fuck about the kid and this is what caused that ! She is a little brat. Who da fuck teaches them kids to punch their teachers ##! sick parents/// she probably saw that from one of them throwing a punch at someone or maybe at each other and the kid just kinda thought it was the right thing. Fucking parents these days. Those cops did the right thing. They didn’t harm the little bitch, they tried to calmed her down at first like every cop would do but she resisted so she deserves this shit. Fuck you little bitch you and your fucking parents. Stop smoking crack that shits destroying our community
posted on: 04-29-05 @ 12:04 AM

ewrebody is a terorist in america now I gues. At least it wil be that way until Bush and Condoliza are fucking things up.
posted on: 04-29-05 @ 2:27 AM

Jesse U.
pui2e_playaz Do you have kids? How old r U? I’m just curious.
posted on: 04-29-05 @ 2:08 PM

should have called social services...
posted on: 06-16-05 @ 10:27 PM

myke you are a total fuckwit. ya sick bastard how in the hell could you think that is a good idea. i think some 1 with a real big cock should rape your skinny little ass. but then again you may enjoy that..... i also think the kid is a little bitch but its nothing a clip round the ear cant fix. when i was a kid if we did summat my ass would have a little time alone with mr belt and i turned out just fine...... FUCK YOU MYKE
posted on: 07-11-05 @ 12:54 PM

That fucks up!!The whole thing is....the way u guys in america react on situations...... Thats all soooo typical american...Thats so damn shit! In Europe these cops would have been gone to fucking jail for half a year. Most of the americans are just still poor little Cowboys... with a dead brain inside their head killed of coke and barbeque... Good to know that there are still a few normal people in the USA.... Even to discuss those things in here is really sad...was right... was it wrong....OH MY god
posted on: 08-10-05 @ 7:47 PM

Lil bleedin heart ’love the children even if they act like satan spawn and always encourage them even if they’re being hellions’ point of view is why we have the majority of the videos of kids being total lawless pricks who show know respect for anything, including themselves. Children are simple beings, and during their developement they cannot comprehend discussions about thier behaviour like we think they do. Having a ’heart to heart’ discussion with a 5 yr old is a waste of time, they cannot digest what you are explaining to them. They DO, however, understand a sore ass. Spanking a child is not abuse. Teaching children that negative behaviour yeilds negative results works. Driving that lesson home with a swift spank to the ass never hurt anyone. So they arrested this little girl. They could have done like the asians in the other videos you see and beat her ass down to the floor, until she kow tows.
posted on: 09-10-06 @ 5:36 AM

one of two things could come of this...that pickininny will either NEVER get in trouble again as long as she lives, or they just primed the pump for all the bullshit she is going to be worth to the justice system later in life...
posted on: 09-29-06 @ 12:39 PM

with that experience i dont think that little girl will behave bad next time
posted on: 12-10-06 @ 6:42 AM

Get used to it Shaniqua, because it’s either that or 13 kids, AIDS and welfare.
posted on: 01-11-07 @ 3:14 AM

m_y_k_e Just because u like to be ass raped on your monthly visits to jail Doesnt mean a 5 yr old does and ur lil desperate cries for attention by posting these outragous comments are just making you look worse than we all know u already are.
posted on: 01-19-07 @ 12:40 PM

fuck, u would talk about a little girl like that, u sick fuck,if i could c u id ass bang u. fuck, no balls mother fucking child molester!!!!!!!!!fuck off & die
posted on: 03-11-09 @ 11:40 AM

that ni**er got what she likely desserved, so typical...there all animals and animals belong in chains!
posted on: 04-26-09 @ 10:52 PM

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