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Hey party people of CrazyShit, this is Ouch.

I'm off work for 4 days, so my PG posts might be a bit off da hook
because i'll be drunk. Hope you all had a good week... and suck my balls!

Crazy Crackers Pow_pOw_poW!

  • james511969 October 28, 2016


  • treehouse21 October 28, 2016

    COTW on my birthday! Thanks Ouch!

  • happyjack October 28, 2016

    ^^^^ Happy B-day you should get crazy and show us the beaver today:-) Who loves you Ouch you Aussie leprechaun

  • outotown October 28, 2016

    Great WICS! Thank you Ouch. Congratulations to the PG.

  • Cory H. October 28, 2016

    Not bad at all. Thank you, Sir.

  • fuckbrain October 28, 2016

    this week in world Christ. trump will be president as a punishment for homosexual marriages. weather has changed world wide global warming as in the days of noah so to before son of man.

  • corruptedsob October 28, 2016

    ^^ your username fits you great

  • freddykrueger October 28, 2016

    sure you did not start drinking early?

    I never saw most of these videos and the couple I did were super old...

  • ouch October 28, 2016

    @freddykruger it could be a WICS repost to fit in with the current theme of the site

  • maddog123 October 29, 2016

    Here kitty kitty kitty here kitty

  • luvthick October 29, 2016

    Ahhh I feel so warm and fuzzy, maybe I could ignore all the talentless racist and finally go VIP.

  • ouch October 29, 2016

    Well done on the #1 COTW @treehouse21 and have a Very Happy Birthday :) and @luvthick sorry mate you can't buy a V.I.P anymore, When the new site goes live you have to earn one. Happy WICS Peeps :) Hiccup

  • james511969 October 29, 2016

    Happy birthday treehouse21! Changing the name to treehouse22? Cheers! 🍻

  • treehouse21 October 29, 2016

    @james511969 More like brickshithouse27 lol.

  • whobe October 29, 2016

    @treehouse21 Happy belated birthday and I hope you get better. Congratulations to the top ten you guys earned it. Ouch thanks for stepping up and doing some other persons job and doing a good one at that.

  • truckingman October 29, 2016

    Ouch becareful that you do not get Alcohol Poisoning from your consommation of beer.

    Sincerely your friend,

    Robert Hallock

    the truckingman.

  • woodchipper30 October 29, 2016

    HA I'M OLD#7

  • martinuk October 29, 2016

    on number 3 was that the three network logo you using i think it is lmfao

  • goodster October 29, 2016

    Great job to all! Now GET BACK TO WORK!!!!!!!! And happy B-day Tree and Shanny,,, I think.

  • potrostation October 30, 2016

    That was pretty cool.

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