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  • mrpoop November 17, 2016

    Beat him like a dirty rug

  • failure101 November 17, 2016

    Somewhere a feminist is rubbing one out to this.

  • prolurkercrazy November 17, 2016

    Why is she beating up the drunken Russian guy?

  • fistermister November 17, 2016

    Pay attention ladies. You may-not think you act like this, but every single one of you do! That's why I absolutely refuse to make a bitch a sandwich. She becomes a Sand Witch.

  • ptsd33 November 18, 2016

    Coming to you from chernobyl

  • maddog123 November 18, 2016

    This morning my puppy barked

  • eggsovereazy November 18, 2016

    Garbage ass video Henry u dam jew

  • freddykrueger November 18, 2016

    I've heard of a nude beach but I never would of thought they had an ugly beach.

  • whobe November 18, 2016

    Now I know where that missing melon went.

  • doondah November 18, 2016

    The next day the mutha fucka was dead

  • belchesfelches November 18, 2016

    The moral of the story is the uglyer the Russian dyke the more you'll get your ass kicked.

  • sleeko November 18, 2016

    You too can enjoy this experience at

  • stoli November 18, 2016

    Seems like he called her a whore so she got drunk teamed up with a few guys as a back up and beat him up. Typical white trash whore, he was right.

  • chubba November 18, 2016

    They have beaches in Russia? huh

  • airsporter November 18, 2016


    Dumbass Comment Award.

    Invest in a Passport you Silly Fuck!- Let you into a secret! - There is more than one Paris! and one of 'em aint near your Trailer!

  • big_daddy305 November 18, 2016

    Imagine the ass whoopin he would've gotten if he stole her vodka?

  • luvthick November 18, 2016

    He should have used that beer to disinfect her cunt, looks like he felt more pain each time she opened her legs over his head.

  • realism November 18, 2016

    Having second thoughts about that mail order Russian bride now....

  • brentos November 18, 2016

    In Russia, pussy beat you up.

  • dracos November 18, 2016

    boy those russians really hate their melons

  • rodeye2 November 18, 2016

    She must of thought he was black, she kept trying to feed him watermelon.

  • chubba November 19, 2016

    @airsporter It was a joke. I guess i'll explain it for you. Ya see the video was boring and i was paying more attention to the beach. Ive never seen a fight on a russian beach i guess

  • chubba November 19, 2016

    @airsporter And come get your mom out of my trailer, I didn't tell her she could stay here indefinitely

  • demonfly November 27, 2016

    i know Russian. He apparently called her a bitch She is saying " You called me a bitch no one ever called me a bitch and blah blah. Drunk people on the beach not even interesting..

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