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posted by Jesse U on 5/2/2005

Killa Kill!!!

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Triple BJ went horribly wrong

Beach and Pussy = WIN

Taking on a BIG cock!

She should be in porn


She can take a TON of cock
Comments From the Peanut Gallery
French Shephards are crazier than german shepards, fuckin A. (Took forever to load)
posted on: 05-02-05 @ 4:30 PM

those are smart dogs !! too bad they dont live long ... they would be so useful
posted on: 05-03-05 @ 5:00 AM

They ain’t smart. They just attack whatever is movng. One attacked it’s own controller. They had to pull and beat the dogs to get them to stop. A well trained dog will obey and not require a muzzle when its being handled by its own controller.
posted on: 05-07-05 @ 11:47 PM

Shut the fuck up jax1 - those dogs are badass, and yes they are doing what they have been trained to do, but they are doing it very well and they would bite you a new asshole you dipshit. As for attacking its owner - no it didn’t - the dog went ballistic, as it was trained to do, and the owner stuck himself in its way - the dog showed great restraint in not ripping out his neck.
posted on: 07-17-05 @ 5:23 AM

gotta get me one of those..
posted on: 12-24-05 @ 2:21 PM

ahh how cute mans best friend at its finest
posted on: 07-18-06 @ 1:45 AM

damm lazy police, if i am hostage do i want my life on a dog.
posted on: 12-03-06 @ 3:09 PM

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