Killa Kill!!!

Jesse U.
21,702 Views 1 decade ago
  • spongemike May 2, 2005

    French Shephards are crazier than german shepards, fuckin A. (Took forever to load)

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  • pui2e_playaz May 3, 2005

    those are smart dogs !! too bad they dont live long ... they would be so useful

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  • jax1 May 8, 2005

    They ain't smart. They just attack whatever is movng. One attacked it's own controller. They had to pull and beat the dogs to get them to stop. A well trained dog will obey and not require a muzzle when its being handled by its own controller.

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  • nofleas July 17, 2005

    Shut the fuck up jax1 - those dogs are badass, and yes they are doing what they have been trained to do, but they are doing it very well and they would bite you a new asshole you dipshit. As for attacking its owner - no it didn't - the dog went ballistic, as it was trained to do, and the owner stuck himself in its way - the dog showed great restraint in not ripping out his neck.

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  • alboy December 24, 2005

    gotta get me one of those..

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  • stealmywheels July 18, 2006

    ahh how cute mans best friend at its finest

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  • da_game December 3, 2006

    damm lazy police, if i am hostage do i want my life on a dog.

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