Electronic Super Sonic

Jesse U.
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  • tstony May 3, 2005

    Dorks 'R Us!!!

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  • burgie May 3, 2005

    What the fuck was that?

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  • clemenza May 4, 2005


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  • macgyver May 5, 2005

    I cant believe i wasted my time watching that...

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  • rockybalboa May 5, 2005

    God I love the 80's !!! hahaha ANYBODY with ANY KIND of instrument would create a goddamn band! Hey! did you look at those TERRIFIC video effects! wow dude that is ACID!

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  • gregorydoggery May 5, 2005

    I thought personally that this was superb. The pastiche of eastern european rock-pop used in an English that the performers hadn't learnt too well. "Fasten your belt seats" and "prepare for down count", after which he shows his numerical dyslexia were highlights for me. And after "down splash" he proclaims himself the biggest washed up star in the world, innocently unaware of what that really means. The sexual references were a tad crude, but a class act nonetheless. That's only me talking though. It was probably shit.

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  • belgarath February 15, 2006

    I thought it was cool also, but I think he has mastered the language better than you give him credit for. Those were deliberate fuck ups for the comic effect.

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  • zonker March 16, 2006

    The tiny Eastern European republic of Molvania was disqualified from the Eurovision Song Contest this year.

    Zladko “Zlad” Vladcik was to perform his very popular techno-ballad, “Elektronik – Supersonik” - described as “a melodic fusion combining hot disco rhythms with cold war rhetoric”.

    However, the 23-year-old singer was arrested at Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport and immediately deported. While Eurovision does not normally test for recreational drugs, unfortunately for Vladcik, Turkish Customs do.

    On his return, “Zlad” apologised to everyone in Molvania for letting them down, especially his family, his friends and his dealer.


    Zladko “Zlad” Vladcik rose to prominence in 2002 when he won Molvanian Idol in controversial circumstances - the other finalist, Ob Kuklop, pulled out due to a serious throat condition after one of the judges tried to strangle him.

    “Zlad” immediately released the megahit, “Juust Az I Amm” – hailed by Rolling Stone as the most incorrectly spelt song of all time.

    After barely 2 days on the Molvanian “Rhythm & Polka” charts, the track went platinum – remarkable considering it was only available on cassingle.

    Then, in an exciting move, “Zlad” formed supergroup Wow! But while on their very first tour, he decided to go solo again, citing the fact that the rest of the band was “moving in a different direction” (Romania).

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  • mrchris454 July 28, 2007

    hahaha what fucking commercial is that from...i can picture it but cant remember exactly...

    the fucking music is so cheap tho..haha

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