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  • prolurkercrazy December 27, 2016

    I'm not sure but it sounds like the bald man hit the sister of the other man? If he hit my sister I would sure go beat his ass as well.

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  • luvthick December 27, 2016

    Not the nastiest. All I see are two pussies and a bully/dude carrying out justice for his sister.

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  • xizang December 27, 2016

    Wait. Haven't those brothers been telling us that black lives matter?

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    • toreal December 27, 2016

      @xizang Haven't you've been telling us that you're a faggot?

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    • luvthick December 27, 2016

      @xizang Does it really matter to you??? Besides "Black Lives Matter" purpose was to draw attention to the disproportionate shootings of mostly Black Males by police officers, weather they posed a threat or not. Black people fighting/arguing does not diminish the message of "BLM" no more than seeing White people fighting/arguing would. The bottom line is our police officers are sworn to protect and serve all communities. You/We cannot defend a system where certain officers use their gun and badge to carryout bubble minded, prejudice acts against people of color and essentially get away with murder every time. That's uncivilized and go against what America is supposed to stand for.

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      • rockinron December 27, 2016

        @luvthick nigger please.

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        • toreal December 27, 2016

          @rockinron Shut your half dead ass up. Fake Christian motherfucker. That's why you're going to hell. Better get down on needs and pray. Lol

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      • felterupgood December 27, 2016


        Ironically black lives don't matter much to the people who have black lives

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  • justwhipit December 27, 2016

    The tribes are restless

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  • maddog123 December 27, 2016


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  • cruiserman December 27, 2016

    Lowlife race,the link between apes and the white man we dont need, it was the biggest mistake to bring niggers from africa.

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    • happyjack December 27, 2016

      @cruiserman you think that's bad, think of the regret that native Americans had about the whites.

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      • rockinron December 27, 2016

        @happyjack ah news flash the indians didnt bring the white man here .

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        • happyjack December 27, 2016

          @rockinron you really know your history. You are soooooo smart.

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        • wolverinemac5 December 28, 2016

          @rockinron Ha ha!? Happyjack is stating that the Native American, is probably regretting not scalping every last piece of shit white person that came to this country and then slaughtered them to steal their land...the IQ level up in here is astounding!

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          • happyjack December 28, 2016

            @wolverinemac5 you nailed it. He's actually dumb enough to think that he was breaking news to me about the fact that the Native Americans didn't hop on their slave ships, cruise over to Europe, round up some white folks, and sail on back and enslave them. LMFAO

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  • ouch December 27, 2016

    No white people were injured in the making of this film.

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  • whobe December 27, 2016

    National Geographic Nigger Edition 2016 .

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  • acairman December 27, 2016

    Zoo keeper left the cage unlocked again.

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  • ptsd33 December 27, 2016

    I guess don't touch the monkey. Gonna be pissing chocolate milk for weeks!

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  • working for the weekend December 27, 2016

    The aggressor said the guy he was beating touched his sister between her legs. Guess the guy getting beat tried to be like Trump and grabbed her by the pussy

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  • airsporter December 27, 2016

    I do wish they'd put on a pair of braces to keep their damn pants up before they start this shit!

    Also needs to hve a quick word with his Sister bout starting WW3......She must have a Weapons Grade personality.

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  • redcalx December 27, 2016

    What fight?

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  • kojaksbozak December 27, 2016

    must be a master in N.M.A...the crouching chimp stance , shows hes a veteran of gorrila warfare... Hes keepsin it rill & holdsin it down!!

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  • daveoconnor4747 December 27, 2016

    this nigger is so racist im not on the same street with him i will destroy this monkey.

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  • nomads66 December 27, 2016

    mon tabarnak de niger vien faire un tour a montréal on vas samuser Nomads66

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  • jonny87 December 27, 2016

    They blackfrican yanks need to evolve at some point right?

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  • doc_ock December 27, 2016

    I think somebody smoked too much crack

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  • putrifaction December 27, 2016

    Somebody is gonna start throwing shit in a minute

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  • alwaysaproblem December 27, 2016

    I love niggers! If they're properly cooked!

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  • inflikted6992 December 28, 2016

    Fuckn shit

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  • insanemonkey December 28, 2016

    fights, the only time you see a black wearing jeans like the should.

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  • manunkind December 28, 2016

    Beat/abuse a mans sister, and then not have the balls to stand up to him when he's tellin' you to get up and fight? Got the balls to hit a woman, but not a man?

    You're just a pussy ass coward. Good on him for beatin' their asses black and blue and red all over.

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  • astrozorro December 30, 2016

    Hair vs Beards? LOL

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  • ob1 December 30, 2016

    A gun, 6 bullets, community service done.

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  • goodster January 2, 2017

    you know what????? THAT MAN can sit at my Christmas Table anytime ..... fighting for your FAM,,,,, I got your back........

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  • hopedenial January 30, 2017

    Why the hell are these dumbasses just taking it? Especially white shirt. Throw a punch and knock that scrawny fuck on his ass ffs.

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  • thairish13 February 5, 2017

    Get the fuck up. God damn.

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