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  • jewman January 4, 2017

    cant wait to see what happens when we send these guys manpads this year

  • oathbreaker January 4, 2017

    goddammit isis! you killed the fish too?! have you no morals at all? i cant trust you with my goldfish for 2 fucking minutes?!

  • fatlarry January 4, 2017

    how are these not war crimes and why is the world community not doing anything about it mass murder is mass murder

    • freddykrueger January 4, 2017

      @fatlarry...they are killing their own people, they don't have the resources or numbers to ever get out of Iraq or Syria so it's very low priority!

    • felterupgood January 4, 2017


      We are setting them on fire from 30,000 feet in large numbers but we burn up the cameras and the videos are lost

  • whobe January 4, 2017

    If the mainstream media would play every one of these to the American people they would change their dumb brains about letting any more Muslimes into our country. And for the people that want to turn their back and not watch these videos and say let them in anyway. Threaten to take a close family member to these fuckers and send the video back to them along with the casket.

  • truckingman January 4, 2017


    Just shaking his head at this MF BULLSHIT, ...........................................

  • alwaysaproblem January 4, 2017

    What was that shit that they poured in the water?

    • woodchipper30 January 4, 2017

      @benji18wright DRAIN O AKA LYE


  • noihavetosaythis January 4, 2017

    They get the attention. . . . Nato created Goatfuckers. Soon they have enough footage to invade Syria and Iran with cheering idiots at home buying the latest apple-shit. Happy new Year.

  • strokerace January 4, 2017

    Wtf did they do at the end beat off and then skeet in the water

  • fwuffykitty January 5, 2017

    As long as their killing other Arabs, I got no problem with it.

  • ugggggggg January 5, 2017


  • harly9 January 8, 2017

    Let the bodies hit the long as they're camel jockeys.

  • antoniomamie January 19, 2017

    and we the people think waterboarding Terrorists in Gitmo. to be inhumane wake up America this is what sharia law is all if Obama has his way soon in a neighborhood near U.S.

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