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  • rouge_et_blanc January 12, 2017

    that felt good

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    •   maddog123 January 12, 2017

      @rouge_et_blanc GET A JOB YOU BUM!!!

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      • rouge_et_blanc January 12, 2017

        @maddog123 try commenting on the video. sit sit woof woof good boy.

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      • strokerace January 13, 2017

        @maddog123 looks like you got a new girlfriend i see. How long have you & rouge_et_blanc been bumping uglies with each other?

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  • airsporter January 12, 2017

    And the Moral is - Dont get gobby in green shorts!

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  • daveoconnor4747 January 12, 2017

    welcome to the new jerseys

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  • kojaksbozak January 12, 2017

    Ole Alkerhol... what a wonderful way to become ten foot tall and bulletproof... NOT!!

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  • whbonney January 12, 2017

    These are pretty good videos about bouncers.... Pretty good restraint until you touch.... then you get hit. The difference is, once you get hit, you then get the cuffs. Most places call the cops once that happens. Where I worked we had to call the cops for a report of the problem so it wasn't like someone just got their ass kicked in the lobby. I don't know why people want into a bar that doesn't want them so badly.

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  • woden January 12, 2017

    Last scene: Jason! Jason! Jason! *SLAM* UUUuuuuuuuuuuuu....

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    • ob1 January 12, 2017

      @woden then the whore's tell the bouncer there's no need for that. A whore and her pimp are soon parted.

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  • breakfastblunt January 12, 2017

    As a bartender, I can't stand these shit dick 28 years olds that can't handle their liquor.

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  •   freddykrueger January 12, 2017


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  •   truckingman January 12, 2017

    Bouncers "Go home, you can not stay here MOTHER FUCKER(S)!!!"

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  • alwaysaproblem January 12, 2017

    Alcohol has a way of making intelligent people, STUPID!

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  • ob1 January 12, 2017

    Video clip around 2.20 mark is Dublin, fuckin scumbags got their asses handed to them by the bouncer. In the full vid there are 5 of them and they try to blindside him.

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  • prolurkercrazy January 12, 2017

    That last body slam was awesome/brutal!

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  • manunkind January 13, 2017

    And this is glad I'm smart enough to realize: these guys do this for a living. So I'm polite as hell, and if someone with me is asked to roll out, we grab 'im by scruff and drag his ass out.

    Cause, seriously: these guys do this shit for a living.

    Also why am glad I'm a short, small guy. I KNOW they could fuck me up :D And, am smart enough to know I ain't standin' a chance

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  • thairish13 January 30, 2017

    Since when is saying "i played hockey for 15 years" supposed to be a threat?

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