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posted by Jesse U on 5/5/2005

Any Landing You Can Walk Away From...

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Hats off! Didn’t he land that well! Left landing gear out and he still took it up for a better try! That was incredible! Did you see him keening it over to the right as he tried to compensate for the left wing’s gear being missing?
posted on: 05-05-05 @ 2:32 PM

The first hit was the pilot attempting to free up the frozen hydraulics in the landing gear. When that didn’t work he had no choice but to set her down. Excellent job of remaining calm and doing what had to be done.
posted on: 05-05-05 @ 2:58 PM

I can’t see how hittiing the wing on the floor is going to make things better.
posted on: 05-05-05 @ 3:47 PM

No. But be honest. Who would hit a piece of metal on the floor at 280 Miles Per Hour to make things better?
posted on: 05-05-05 @ 4:53 PM

And then expect that thing to carry them around in a circle of the airport for a landing? What the fuck are you saying?
posted on: 05-05-05 @ 4:55 PM

Ah! I’ve just seen how my previous posts were the work of a fool that has escaped my mind. Thank the good Lord I don’t fly a plane, nor have ever trained to fly one.
posted on: 05-05-05 @ 4:58 PM

You’re sense of humour is too deep for me. Tell me what you do and I’ll take the piss out of that.
posted on: 05-05-05 @ 5:01 PM

???? to gregory???????
posted on: 05-05-05 @ 7:27 PM

Sorry for being oblique. I was saying that on the video the plane touches down but he must have his engines on at leat 80% as on all touchdowns because as soon as he’s not sure he fires them and takes off again. THE VIDEO CUTS to his next attempt wherein he puts the girl in beautifully. That is ALL I WAS SAYING
posted on: 05-05-05 @ 8:30 PM

And by the way! That miltary plane crash. A Saab Swedish jet flown by a test pilot in its early days. The helicopter shot down by the shouting " Allah Akbah!" people. Chechna. Russian copter. The F1 cars mangles? Spa Francochamps. Wet race. No fatalities. The car that does the flip? Last lap of the San Marino Grand Grix 1994. Team mates in the Arrowa team. Nervous laugther afterwards and wet overalls.
posted on: 05-05-05 @ 8:37 PM

Hey Greg, Go take your medicine lay down and leave us the fuck alone for christ’s sake. Your driving me fucking crazy.
posted on: 05-05-05 @ 9:27 PM

posted on: 05-06-05 @ 12:06 AM

this dude gregory has alot to say about every fucking thing
posted on: 05-06-05 @ 1:52 AM

OH MY EFFING GOD!!! IT’S ANOTHER POSTING WHORE. Gregory you’re talking to yourself....that would be a great hint to shut the fuck up...*rolls eyes* no offense...I’m just sayin’
posted on: 05-06-05 @ 8:37 PM

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