Little Bobby Will Never Be The Same

Jesse U.
25,413 Views 1 decade ago
  • mike8putang May 6, 2005

    NICE what kind of dad would take his son to somthing like that!!!! a great one...

  • homeyr May 6, 2005

    Now I know what yort looks like...

  • ramyel May 6, 2005

    hes makin a lil tint in his pants lol

  • noble172 May 6, 2005

    lil dude was about to rub one out in front of everyone

  • spongemike May 6, 2005

    Looks like he was about to piss his pants.

  • roses1117 May 9, 2005

    That is just WRONG those SLUTS didnt even care that little boy was standing there and his parents didnt either! They shouldnt be parents!!!!!

  • tetryk May 13, 2005

    after I've watched that 5 times I finaly see that boy that everyone talking about.... lol

  • Jay D. May 13, 2005

    Well at least you know he's not going to turn out gay.

  • alboy December 24, 2005

    and, dad of the year goes too .....................

  • bebad269 May 7, 2006

    lucky kid

  • da_game December 3, 2006

    lucky kid , probally got adopted by the ozzys

  • synnergrl April 30, 2007

    did you see him grab himself he got a lil boner

  • dr_opto January 6, 2008

    I was at a car-show once and these car models were having thong/bootyshaking contest on stage. One blazing ass girl went to grab a little boy (around 9 or 10 y.o) to dance and he shied away like Michael Jackson in a strip club. I was beside myself with anger...and drunk as fuck LOL

  • fuckyouruncle February 25, 2010

    Shut the fuck up. It's nothing he hasn't seen already probally in a playboy. Males are attracted to females it's a fact of life, get over it.

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