Instant Headache

Jesse U.
9,540 Views 1 decade ago
  • pui2e_playaz May 6, 2005

    Aww man did u see how hard that hit him. Some serious brain damage ... :|

  • ramyel May 6, 2005


  • noble172 May 6, 2005

    ooooooh shit i bet he was pissed when they told him what happened lol

  • spongemike May 6, 2005

    His cheek probably looks like a waffle.

  • gregorydoggery May 8, 2005

    Aw he's ok. I was talking to my old man today who played football professionally and whose skull was fractured when about 15 people dived in for a ball at the near post and his skull was cracked in a five inch line right down behind his ear. He only gets wobbly and can't lift his arm every other morning. That lad is soft.

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