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posted by Jesse U on 5/8/2005

Crazyshit.com Presents: History Of Saddam

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
A work of genius. It’s unfortunate that these records aren’t in the public domain. Oh wait. They are?
posted on: 05-08-05 @ 12:40 AM

I remember a letter correspondence here in England wherein after the world trade centre bombings and the subsequent outpouring of "Who gives a shit" an American had written, "We never laughed at the IRA bombings", and the next day a letter appeared, "No, you just funded them."
posted on: 05-08-05 @ 1:05 AM

Asied from NorAid, this isn’t the place to talk of the CIA death squads in Nicuragua is it?
posted on: 05-08-05 @ 1:55 AM

But the wole world should feel sorry for your pathetic country when a douchebag with an Arab escort get killed in France. Poor Princess Di. Oh wait she did.
posted on: 05-08-05 @ 2:02 PM

^ The typical ignorant reaction, even when you get slapped in the face with the truth. Il faut le faire.
posted on: 05-08-05 @ 7:35 PM

Now this is sick!!!
posted on: 05-08-05 @ 11:41 PM

This is sad but it is so true of Our continuous meddling in other countries affairs. The sad thing is that people believe the B.S about trying to help them, the truth is, It is pure greed and corporate manipulation that precipitates all of this chaos. When will man ever learn to care for others less fortunate, rather than taking advantage of them for short term gains. Saddam was a sick Bastard, but the people that made and supported him were and are equally sick.
posted on: 05-29-05 @ 3:10 AM

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