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Just a short compilation of people doing what they do best, being silly, falling on their asses, and breaking their bones

  • strokerace March 12, 2017

    That asshole sounded like it's been tampered with

  • goodster March 12, 2017

    Sure hope that last one wasn't a vid of MAMA JUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 72jayd March 12, 2017

    What's that ramp made out of? A board on an elderly persons walker?

  • rouge_et_blanc March 12, 2017

    Actually he is a new waterskiier and was looking for sloping lake

  • sexmaster March 12, 2017

    You fart I farted we all fall down and break our bones.

  • kingbigballs March 12, 2017


  • deadpen March 12, 2017

    Okay so the guy on the bike must live in a country where the Dukes of Hazard just started airing. Can't land a jump like that on flat land.

  • slayersanta666 March 12, 2017

    I predicted id see that flaming ass again a month ago

    I'm negrodemus

  • truckingman March 12, 2017

    First clip why is there not a safety fence in front of the creek? Second clip why is the victim not wearing first no underwear and second a, lose fitting, pair of shorts?

  • truckingman March 12, 2017

    Third clip, the victim should have moved his body to try to balance his crotch rocket during the jump. Fourth clip, "ooooh FUCK!!!" Fifth clip "'WHAT IN THE MF" FLAMING FUCK???'" Sixth clip why did you do this _____ event?

  • fatlarry March 12, 2017

    iiii like tyta blones but hoiel

  • workingfortheweekend March 12, 2017

    Just terrific

  • old fokker March 15, 2017

    @Strokerace To the Wristwatch, lol.

  • kingtravis March 17, 2017

    Girls now of days what's so funny about that now i wouldn't even eat your pussy

  • domdom March 21, 2017

    Parcour is not for pussys.Love the pain or go home!!

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