The Message Behind Our President's Speech

Jesse U.
13,143 Views 1 decade ago
  • rockybalboa May 12, 2005

    LOL... at least somebody unveiled the g.d. truth :P He looks like a g.d. chimp. (no offense)

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  • bigpoppa May 12, 2005

    Wow did you hear that in his opening speech, "America if it feels good ,DO IT". Does that include running nude in the streets???

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  • mostyles May 13, 2005

    say what you want 'bout dubya , that fucker has killed alot of muslims :)

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  • tetryk May 13, 2005

    that some good shit...

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  • eightyj May 13, 2005

    Some asswipe with an IQ that wouldn't make a decent residential speed limit must have put this together.

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  • tookalook May 13, 2005

    Look it's Satin

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  • spongemike May 13, 2005

    Satan in satin. lol

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  • rockybalboa May 13, 2005

    It think it´s well put together eightyJ. The goddamn question is: Could you 'put together' something better?

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  • burgie May 13, 2005

    I take it rocky is not a Bush fan. I agree with eightyj, talk with some of our people who have been "in the shit" over there and then make an opinion.

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  • gregorydoggery May 14, 2005

    I prefer the Bin Laden speech that's been doctored by a few of his followers for a lark. Freedom is relative and illusionary, but we have a greater degree of it at present than many others, so let's not fuck around with it or crave radicalism.

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  • nofleas July 17, 2005

    Oh Jesus people, shut the fuck up - this SHIT WAS FUNNY. Whether you like the motherfucker or not (and 49% of you do), it was fucking funny. Goddamn you'd think this was the fucking Rush Limbaugh site for shit's sake.

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  • bossadl1 October 6, 2005

    death to bush

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  • puerto_rican January 26, 2006


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  • hellbilleh September 10, 2006

    thats right bush,, you're the man!! next time you decide to snort a line of coke,, invite me!! | was gonna join the reserves like you but | dont have a rich daddy to keep me from having to do anything, so | didnt join. btw, how has english lessons going for you? Have you learned how to sound like you have half a brain yet? How about that hole up your ass that Cheney uses to run you around for Haliburton like the little sock monkey puppet you are?? Whats it like sleeping at night with the blood of your nations children on your hands in the name of revenging your family? Fuckwad.

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