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posted by Jesse U on 5/13/2005

How To Dance Like A White Guy

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Triple BJ went horribly wrong

Beach and Pussy = WIN

Taking on a BIG cock!

She should be in porn


She can take a TON of cock
Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Drop it like it’s hot, NOT.
posted on: 05-13-05 @ 3:38 PM

All White people fucking suck.
posted on: 05-13-05 @ 3:56 PM

just like niggers and beaners huh
posted on: 05-13-05 @ 8:06 PM

Hey rocky wtf?
posted on: 05-13-05 @ 8:20 PM

Rocky Bumboya...lmfao...
posted on: 05-13-05 @ 10:24 PM

This racist crap is so so old. Most of the regular posters (balboa) on this site are such morons (for ya newbies). Just ignore them and hopefully they’ll get bored.
posted on: 05-14-05 @ 5:38 AM

I think rocky was being ironic
posted on: 05-14-05 @ 12:18 PM

I think rocky is retarded
posted on: 05-14-05 @ 1:21 PM

If it came to a trade, I’d take to ability to dance over being the ruling race on the planet everytime. Ooooh! Don’t say that! It’s racist.
posted on: 05-14-05 @ 1:48 PM

hey the racist shit is so fuckin old,,what happend years,,and years ago is not any of our fault,but we are at fault now that we are still doing it and showing the younger gen-the way we act so grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!so this racist shit will end....
posted on: 05-14-05 @ 3:22 PM

Did anyone notice it looks like an after party for a cival war reinactment. The South side.
posted on: 05-14-05 @ 5:29 PM

thats not how all white people dance... just old rednecks.
posted on: 05-14-05 @ 6:27 PM

I’m an old redneck, & I prefer slam dancing.
posted on: 05-15-05 @ 3:09 AM

lol what you children who are getting so upset fail to realize is that no matter what racism will never end there will always be a minority (or secret majority hopefully not) that will have a subconcious maybe inherent animosity towards other races. it is in our nature to feel uncomfortable about things that differ from us. read any article on cognitive dissonance and you will see that even inner confrontations cause irritability. either way i would just like to say things like this don’t promote rascism rather the contrary actually. they make racism silly and childish and rather unimportant which it should be. kidding about stereotypes or rather sterotypes in general is what this country is based on heh regardless i need to go now heed my words and try to comprehend the hypocracies of mediocrity...peace.
posted on: 05-15-05 @ 5:54 AM

"the hypocracies of mediocrity"... lmfao.
posted on: 05-15-05 @ 11:31 PM

Hey. Maybe atrophied mind and gregdog should get together and write a fucking book. Atrophiedmind can write it and gregdog can put in all the punctuation marks and capitals.
posted on: 05-16-05 @ 11:41 AM

hey jesse u now this shit was going to get peepholes all mad and whats up with beaners we said nothing at all
posted on: 05-16-05 @ 5:25 PM

i think that all u people need to have a toke and laugh it’s fuckin hilarious
posted on: 05-21-05 @ 5:23 PM

Just so youall know this clip is from an Athens Ga. based comedy team called the Damn Show. They have a DVD in stores now, and will be on MTV this July under the name Stankervision. If you liked the clip tune in July to see it and others like it.
posted on: 05-24-05 @ 3:25 PM

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