Get Of The Phone Bitch!!

  • tookalook May 17, 2005


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  • pui2e_playaz May 17, 2005

    young white male.... with socks up to the knee, hat turned backwards and listenin' to 50 Cent always up to no good

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  • burgie May 17, 2005

    Dumb fucking white trash wanting to act like niggers. I can't understand why anyone would want to act like obsolete farm equipment.

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  • spongemike May 18, 2005

    and then smoke a doobie and chill, eh coop? NOT

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  • drrtysoufhoney May 18, 2005

    Hold up Burgie, never use the "N" word like that,u sound like White trash urself ..but White boys kickin it like Black men aren't wiggers unless they do it just to be cool and fit in...Jungle fever,however, in ur heart n soul is not being a wigger or wannabe Black...This is 2005 in America! Freedom to be human! Only God can judge us buddy!

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  • sickpuppy46 July 11, 2006

    k anyone who falls down from being hit that hard is a fucking sad pitiful worm and the buddy that threw the ball is no better

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  • italianweapon November 9, 2017


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