Knocked The Wind Right Out Of Him

Jesse U.
11,874 Views 1 decade ago
  • tstony May 17, 2005

    Can you hear me??? YOU ARE A DUMB SHIT!!!

  • tookalook May 17, 2005

    Nice jump!

  • i am canadian May 17, 2005

    Its true white men really cant fuckin jump.

  • bwoodahm May 17, 2005

    what he did wrong was he hit the trottle too late.when jumping a dirt bikke you ALWAYS hit the trottle when your frount tire meets the top of the hill if you hit the gas too late, well you seen what happens.

  • hawki2009 May 17, 2005

    HOLY SHIT IVE DONE THAT!!!whew least i know im not alone and trust me that hurts like hell

  • spongemike May 18, 2005

    If he'd made the jump, the video wouldn't be here.

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