What The Iraqi's Probably Felt Like

Jesse U.
19,620 Views 1 decade ago
  • mike8putang May 18, 2005

    how do the iraqi's feel.......they probally got one hell of a fucking headache..if they were near that explosion..probally nothing.

  • ramyel May 18, 2005

    ok all we have to do is drop like 1000 of those like every time theres a car bomb i think we would get some where!

  • eightyj May 19, 2005

    That's some comment from a person? who's hero is a thief that jumped from a 727.

  • ramyel May 19, 2005

    um like shut up coop!

  • spongemike May 20, 2005

    Ya, Have a toke and a smile.

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