Like A Bat Out Of Hell

Jesse U.
12,391 Views 1 decade ago
  • tstony May 19, 2005

    It helps to lower the landing gear. Looks like one of those controlled crash things to see if airplanes burn. Yep! They do.

  • archemedes_rex May 19, 2005

    I saw this on the Discovery Channel years ago.

    It's a NASA experiment--the plane was filled with dummies wired to radio sensors to see what happens to people (real NASA terminology--

    "meat confetti")

  • raiph May 19, 2005

    ........ Why the hell is it every time my father flys out to vegas there has to be a Tv show on about plane crashes?!?!

  • rockybalboa May 20, 2005

    That definitely sucks raiph.

  • pui2e_playaz May 20, 2005

    I would like to see a video of how terrorists hijacked those planes in 9/11 .... planes need cameras directed into a server somewhere

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