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  • bft$crew October 16, 2017

    Someone should leave that hooker a Yelp review

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    • letmefindout October 16, 2017


      Some men pay good money for an ass whuppin' like that.

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  • sika October 16, 2017

    Dont fuck hookers if you cant beat the shit out of them

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    • mr.spine October 16, 2017

      @sika yep only time i beat a hoe i was safe in my garden.

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  •   acairman October 16, 2017

    Welcome to chimp city, don't step in the poo.

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    •   GrimmWilder October 16, 2017

      @acairman +++lol

      There's lots'a Poo!!.....lol

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      • letmefindout October 16, 2017


        When an incorrigible object meets an immovable force...

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      •   rockinron October 17, 2017

        @GrimmWilder but i how can you tell the poo from the jigs!!

        +6 -1
    •   what now? whats next? October 16, 2017

      @acairman Oh haha cuz there black.

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  • sinner1ner October 16, 2017

    free nut catching ass midget

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  • 72jayd October 16, 2017

    Damn! No titties?

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    • letmefindout October 16, 2017


      You ain't counting the man boobs?

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  • zack sweeney October 16, 2017

    Normal day at the hood 7-11

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  •   ouch October 16, 2017

    Did someone run into that last chick?

    Her air bags went off

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  • letmefindout October 16, 2017

    On a cold and gray Chicago morn

    another baby hood rat is born in the ghetto

    in the ghetto

    and their Mommas cried.

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  • eyeballasshole October 16, 2017

    Just some nigger slag. Let them be on each other. They oughta just put bars around the perimeter of the ghetto and call it nigger prison. Keep all that fucking slag in there with itself

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    •   happyjack October 16, 2017

      @eyeballasshole profound.

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      •   sbohica October 16, 2017


        Sorry. But there's times when the truth can be very profound.

        So let me get this straight. You condone niggers and the actions that give niggers their name?


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        •   GrimmWilder October 16, 2017

          @sbohica +++

          Tommy Sotomayor makes great vids......lol

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          •   sbohica October 16, 2017


            He's honest about his race. I bet ya @toreal won't watch and he loves statistics so:

            Hey @toreal. 52% of all murders in the US are committed by black people. Black people comprise 13% of the population. Add that to your nerdbook.

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            •   GrimmWilder October 16, 2017

              @sbohica +++


              i have already pointed all that shit out .....they will not acknowledge it,....

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              •   happyjack October 16, 2017

                @GrimmWilder he's found a niche for himself to earn a living, I don't knock him for that but he's not some profound speaker and motivator. He's full of shit like everyone else. I believe in individual personal integrity and responsibility regardless of race. I don't need a loud mouth on you tube telling me how to live.

                +3 -4
        •   happyjack October 16, 2017

          @sbohica Ii know you died but I'm sure you remember my stance on the word nigger. So please don't come at me pretending to have an intelligent, logical discussion on the word. Because I have too much respect for myself to let you intentionally disrespect me. So if you want to have a logical debate, let's do so but please omit the offensive language.

          +3 -3
          •   sbohica October 17, 2017


            That's amazing! Many people have used the N word while debating back and forth with you!!!!!

            And your gonna give me that shit. Your weak. And my definition of that word involves ALL colors.

            +7 -2
            •   GrimmWilder October 17, 2017


              Not me...i got'a word for every color......lol

              +5 -3
            •   happyjack October 17, 2017

              @sbohica I'm not interested in yours or anyone else's definition of the word. A lot of white folks here in the PG are drug addicts, alcoholics, etc yet sit back and act special and judge other people like you are model citizens. I think it makes some around here feel better about what they've made or haven't made of their own shitty lives. So don't give me these statistics let's talk about personal responsibility and contributions to society. I could give a shit less about skin color. What kind of individual are you????

              +2 -3
              •   GrimmWilder October 17, 2017

                @happyjack ..

                Here we go...lol

                More happyjack's fancy fantasy fiction?

                tell us again what a fine-specamine you iz...lol


                I am a overfed long-haired racist whore-mongering hippy throwback......

                sorry to disappoint but no drugs or booze,... less it's for the bitches,..,.,

                +4 -2
                •   happyjack October 17, 2017

                  @GrimmWilder I didn't call out your name. I could care less about your life, what you are or were or want to be. Your're a racist POS computer dork in my eyes. If we're being truthful here, let's let it all hang out. You are the guy in the movies who thinks he's cool, but he's over the top and a dork......like a Dog The Bounty Hunter type LMFAO

                  +3 -3
                  •   GrimmWilder October 18, 2017


                    POS?........LMFAO?....now who's the fucking Dork?........Jesus Bo-peep, you are hands down the biggest PIECE OF SHIT Candy-ass dreamer dork here!

                    Now i will go "laugh my fucking ass off" at you....

                    here let me button it with a "lol"

                    +4 -3
  • airsporter October 16, 2017

    The final indignation was being twatted by the door!

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    • boobles October 16, 2017

      @airsporter lmao! I noticed that too!!

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  • mr.spine October 16, 2017

    2 ways to get aids and you got it twice.

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  • hiwudjablome October 16, 2017

    Bitch in the pink had a nice little ass..

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  • raped and left for dead October 16, 2017

    she got fucked- he got screwed

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  • fiddledeedee October 16, 2017

    Come on dude, pay the ho. Cough up the two dollars like a man.

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  • boobles October 16, 2017

    Just embarrassing all round...

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  • vivalamigra October 16, 2017

    It's now clear to me why Kaepernick is taking that knee...

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  •   ketamine<3 October 16, 2017

    That's nothing compared to what her pimp is gonna do to him.

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    • maxm60 October 17, 2017

      @ketamine<3 What's scary is that he might actually BE her pimp.

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      •   ketamine<3 October 17, 2017

        @maxm60 I don't think so he wouldn't have to pay then, just give her a cut of the next trick she does.

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  •   whobe October 16, 2017

    Is this in America?

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  •   sbohica October 16, 2017

    Damn! Thought bigJ was back for a sec.

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  •   sarge07 October 16, 2017

    that last one looked like two oompa loompas fightimg over a lolly pop

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  • felterupgood October 16, 2017

    Don't fuck with anyone bigger ....unless you are packing heat.

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  •   redpig October 16, 2017


    Always take payment in advance

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  •   truckingman October 16, 2017

    What the............

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  •   nybadguy October 16, 2017

    Katt Williams got fucked up

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  • frank n. stein October 17, 2017

    2nd one the camera man said, "You better not touch her!" If the cunt was hitting me, I'd hit her back!

    (I think the little man-bitch is kind of hot)

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