Bear On Power Lines

Black bear in California climbs power pole and gets shocked. The bear falls but survives.

  • spongemike May 26, 2005

    Tough fuckers, those bears.

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  • archemedes_rex May 26, 2005

    Do you smell burnt hair?

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  • noble172 May 26, 2005

    the homeless almost had bear for supper

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  • winks May 27, 2005

    can you hear me now....

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  • bsstp69 May 27, 2005


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  • bpmolder May 28, 2005

    Sad.....I hate to see defenseless animals hurt like that. (Yes, potential flamers, before you even start, that was a bear cub who wouldn't have hurt anyone)

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  • moonchild69 June 10, 2005

    aww that is so sad i bet human construction ran him out of his home

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  • nitr0s January 16, 2006

    lucky bear but the ppl could have done more

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  • belgarath February 16, 2006

    Why was he "stuck" ? Like people say the cat is "stuck" in a tree, they WILL come down when they are ready. Stupid asses almost killed that bear by tranqin' it. Animals that climb trees for a living do not get "stuck"

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  • kenfromdublin November 7, 2008

    belgarath I hate to break this to you but that wasn't a tree the bear climbed - it was an electric cable pole - and they don't climb THEM for a 'living' - they climb them for a killing more like, and they are not in their natural habitat and would be pretty awkward for any animal to get down safely from again given that it has no branches to grab onto on the way down - easy to climb alright - but a different story when descending.

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