360 Loop, Could You Do It?

Jesse U.
14,426 Views 1 decade ago

This guy tries to do a loop on a skateboard and busts his shit hard.

  • spongemike May 26, 2005

    Cervical spine injuries? Do The DEW!

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  • ramyel May 26, 2005

    well he cant do it!

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  • archemedes_rex May 26, 2005

    I saw Bam Margera(did I spell that right?)land like

    that about six times in one episode of "Jackass".

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  • scottrod May 27, 2005

    i think we all saw that episode of jackass

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  • rockybalboa May 27, 2005

    Jackass fucking SUCKS BIG TIME

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  • bionic_nugget May 27, 2005

    Another brilliant posting from rocky. What's the matter? Jesus doesn't approve?

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  • tookalook May 28, 2005

    Rocky has no freinds, homo, homo. likes a big black cock up his ass ,oh doo dah day. lmfao

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  • bpmolder May 29, 2005

    I doubt that happened, dbcoop, because in reality, if people saw you dying, the last thing they would want to do is call an ambulance or even do anything that would stand the remote chance of preserving your life....and please keep your stories about being pummeled by seven year olds to yourself, because no one here wants to hear of your pedophilic ways....

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  • belgarath February 16, 2006

    *Note to Jesse, no I don't think I could do it, butt then again, I'm not dumb enough to try. Big props to those that can though.

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