Tarzan Wanna Be

Jesse U.
9,288 Views 1 decade ago
  • burgie May 28, 2005

    Hey fucktard: What do you want to do for the summer?

    Fucktard: I want to spend it in traction.

  • bpmolder May 28, 2005

    Looks like one fucktard with a broken tailbone.....

  • simwizzard May 28, 2005

    The sad part is he'll probably live just long enough to reproduce

  • bionic_nugget May 29, 2005

    Separated shoulder. No doubt. Hurts like a bitch. Although I didn't get mine from jumping into a tree. It's a true "Fucktard Fest" here today.

  • spongemike May 30, 2005

    He should have landed on his head. Less damage. Dumbass.

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