I Love A Good Cat Fight

Jesse U.
29,989 Views 1 decade ago
  • bpmolder May 30, 2005

    The sad thing isn't the girls fighting, but the people standing around and watching it.....If I was there, I would have broken it up and asked the big one to come back to my place and work that frustration out on me...

  • mike8putang May 30, 2005

    it would off been better if they were NAKED!!

  • hawki2009 May 30, 2005

    i wouldve had them both come back to my place show me some of those moves...

  • spongemike May 30, 2005

    I just wonder if they were fighting over a guy. Guys fight over girls more than anything else. Does the same thing hold true for the chicks? Survey!!

  • rockybalboa May 30, 2005

    I agree with bp. Specially in the last goddamn part.

  • winks May 30, 2005

    haha..spongemike...some guys just aren't worth fighting over...but i guess that it could happen

  • wicked_m4 June 1, 2005

    Good video but the music was gay as hell. It was better with Rob Zombie "Dead Girl"

  • bpmolder June 2, 2005

    No man is worth fighting for, I agree, especially me....so as an alternative, I would do what I can to preserve peace, show them the way to love, and offer myself to them as the person to show that love on, in any way they want.....lol

  • gurtman23 July 10, 2005

    well i spanked the monkey over this one and it waz Goooooood ;-)

  • bobmarley420 July 23, 2005

    that just makes my cock hard

  • bigmantall October 17, 2005


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