That's Some Good Chicken

Jesse U.
15,511 Views 1 decade ago
  • wicked_m4 June 4, 2005

    Thats some funny shit. Those stupid fuckers didnt know what to do with the guy ruining their protest..... I fuckin hate protesters, and whats with the guy on the bullhorn. He was the only male protester. He was only doing it to get a piece.

  • bpmolder June 4, 2005


  • archemedes_rex June 5, 2005

    If you listen close, one of the PETA fucktards threatens to sue the guy eating chicken. Classic!!

  • bpmolder June 5, 2005

    It just makes me wish I would have been coming out of there with a 14 piece, so I could stop, open the bucket, and eat as much of it as I could right in front of them, offering my fingers to anyone who wanted to lick them....

  • smokeymcstoned June 5, 2005

    mmmmmm!!! KFC!!!! FINGER LICKIN GOOD

  • spongemike June 5, 2005

    mmmmm!!! Vanilla_cream!!!! FINGER LICKIN' GOOD!!!!

  • bpmolder June 6, 2005

    Hell yeah, a little vanilla cream is good for what ails you.....

  • ramyel June 6, 2005

    had some kfc tonight

  • rockybalboa June 7, 2005

    I will have sex, not KFC. Too much goddamn fat. I don´t want to be an obese american.

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