Stunt City

Jesse U.
15,175 Views 1 decade ago
  • scottrod June 6, 2005

    that's all too easy

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  • archemedes_rex June 6, 2005

    I'm the guy walking out of the building with my suit on fire.

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  • bpmolder June 6, 2005

    It would have been funnier if the guy who jumped on the cab that wouldn't stop would have been a black guy. lol

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  • rockybalboa June 7, 2005

    Don´t be a goddamn racist Liutenant Molder. Why would it be funnier? because of the inferiority of black people? WTF? :P

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  • bpmolder June 7, 2005

    No, rocky, because it is just a silly stereotype thing....Dave Chappelle does the same thing but gets away with it because it is his own race....does that make it right? No, it just makes it funny....I'm not a racist....I will make fun of anybody, no matter what......

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  • ihatemidgets June 7, 2005

    hey bpmolder, didn't you refer to yourself as a maintenance technician before.(check suck my balls vid)

    You shouldn't be racist you dumb janitor!!!!

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  • bpmolder June 8, 2005

    Yeah, and when you check back at that post, you will see my response, and be aware of the fact that I am most likely more highly educated than you.....

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  • ihatemidgets June 8, 2005

    Just the fact that you need to keep boasting about your education shows me that you are insecure.I didn't know they had a B.A in Janitor work in college.Just reading your previous posts tells me that you are in the same intellectual league as that Corky kid from Life Goes On!

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  • bpmolder June 9, 2005

    Well, midgetdick, you might think so, but I wouldn't say the same about you, because it would take a huge step upward for you to rise to his intellectual level....

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  • spongemike June 9, 2005

    LOL. Crack me up.

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