Japanese Style Vacuuming

Jesse U.
32,668 Views 1 decade ago
  • rockybalboa June 10, 2005

    What is the fucking purpose of that? To die 'Morgue Ready'?

  • bluebiggs June 10, 2005

    theres a specal tube insert for the mouth for breathign this is a kind of bondage. most "good" bondage sites have links on where to by the "vac-pac"

  • sl June 10, 2005

    WTF, what a dumb ass!!

  • moonchild69 June 10, 2005

    i think he was really killing her, she didnt sound to happy omg

  • archemedes_rex June 10, 2005

    Vak-Pak pussy. Speaking of which, why do the Japanese show all the sickest shit while blurring out the genitals?!

  • ramyel June 10, 2005

    thats a good point archemedes

  • pernicious2mil June 11, 2005

    Ugh... well... I spose it would be a little more belivable if she wasn't hmmm... whats the word I'm looking for... oh yeah thats it BREATHING watch her shoulders you can see her getting air...... and wtf was with the sensorship ...

  • bionic_nugget June 11, 2005

    That's the shipping department at a mail order bride company.

  • spongemike June 12, 2005

    LMAO nugget. That's good.

  • bluebiggs June 13, 2005

    The japanese blure out the specific genitals due to modesty laws in japan. by blurrign out the genitals they can distrabut this stuff on a technicality

  • rockybalboa June 13, 2005

    What the fuck are you talking about?

  • grave January 29, 2006


  • manguba February 8, 2006

    that fucking atomic bomb

  • dr_opto January 6, 2008

    the censorship thing is crazy but then i guess that's what you call a loophole if they can distribute things on a "technicality" as if they didn't mean to send it out...still sounds crazy

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