Mega Millions

Jesse U.
29,980 Views 1 decade ago
  • archemedes_rex June 12, 2005

    Hey Sparkles, wanna party?

  • pernicious2mil June 12, 2005

    Wheres yort at? We got a woman in need of assitance

  • mike8putang June 12, 2005

    yort shes all yours......

  • rockybalboa June 13, 2005

    Holy shit that lady looks HOOOOOTTTTT! looks so hot that it seems her skin has 3rd degree burns. Just kidding... I bet that she was a very beautiful woman in her youth.

  • thesku11s August 15, 2005

    People, some wisdom for you.

    Before you start thinking about marrying some girl look at her mother, then look at her Grandmother, then you may proceed.

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