It's Like A Game Of Hide And Seek

Jesse U.
26,051 Views 1 decade ago
  • archemedes_rex June 13, 2005

    Is this a recruitment video aimed at paintball nuts? And isn't that firefight tactic called 'spray & pray'?

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  •   wicked_m4 June 13, 2005

    Its a tactic the SEAL's must use. They are outnumbered on every mission and the only way to survive is to make the enemy think that they are fighting an imposible battle against a large amount of firepower. Those brave SEAL's get my utmost respect.

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  • spongemike June 13, 2005

    The trees must be full of lead. WOW.

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  • burgie June 14, 2005

    The SEAL's are some badass mother fuckers!! I had a chance to get to work with some in the early 80's, very high speed low drag badasses.

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  • pernicious2mil June 14, 2005

    This is a taped show from the Military channel, it was a quite badass show, I havn't seen one on Ranger's yet that would also be sweet, Jesse if they did make one on rangers post somthing if you can thx, as for this clip... 'returning minerals to the earth' (and nutrients if it wasn't practice)

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  • sl June 14, 2005

    Bad ass shit!

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  • thesku11s August 15, 2005

    Now thats what you call a terrorist training video!

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