Got Athletes Foot?

  • ezdoesit72 June 14, 2005

    This reminds me of a thing we use to do. Did you know that if you hold a match under your foot for a second that it will shoot a quick flame around your socks. Works best after you wore socks all day. It doesnt' hurt, flames only last a second.

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  • archemedes_rex June 14, 2005

    That guy is gonna shave someone's eyebrows off when THEY pass out. Or light his hair on fire.

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  • burgie June 15, 2005

    His foot was burned pretty bad and he was laughing! Fucktard. I would beat the fuck out of my friends for doing that to me.

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  • cykomaton June 15, 2005

    did you notice that when he was about to drop the beer he tried to catch it before it fall. anywho htat shit was still pretty damn funny!

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  • noble172 June 16, 2005

    i must not have a very good sense of humor... cause i would be inviting someone to an ass kicking contest

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  • pernicious2mil June 17, 2005

    Notice him throw the beer?

    thats quite commical

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  • crazybitch5150 June 20, 2005

    i've done that to my brother..

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  • thesku11s August 15, 2005

    That would not hurt at all, its the alcohol burning not your skin. But I have to say match burns kill, the sulphur or whatever gets in your skin aswell and it stinks.

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  • mushasmunchies April 20, 2011

    happy 420 !

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