Oslo Gay Festival

Jesse U.
39,115 Views 1 decade ago
  • archemedes_rex June 16, 2005

    Poor, confused gay sperm. What was it doing in a Fallopian tube in the first place, when it should be in a colon? Donated, maybe.

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  • rebelminion June 16, 2005

    Um... rex.. buddy... that was the point. It was confused because it was in a rectum.

    Someone call the short bus for rex ;-)

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  • sambi June 17, 2005

    hey i am a gnona tpye lkie this and ur gnona fkuicng lkie it, it's the smae wrdos but the mdilde is fcekud up (slteanilg my siht is for fgogtas)

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  • rockybalboa June 17, 2005

    LOL. Poor sperm. He should have tought: "hmm... something doesn´t smell right here..."

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  • archemedes_rex June 17, 2005

    You got me, I shoulda watched the clip twice. With my glasses on.

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